My Rebuttal Re: No shows!  

_Bound4Pleasure 52F
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7/7/2006 3:22 pm
My Rebuttal Re: No shows!

Since I am the one that did the "standing up" I feel its time to speak...see TASA thread

First of all I NEVER made plans with you Kem, I have with Keith, and there were NEVER specific plans made.

2F1M is really not my thing..I have made that pretty clear, I have also made clear, I'm uncomfortible with you two being some sort of couple and me being the "outsider"
the first time we spoke about getting together...I said call me later and I'll let you know...
no phone call though-
He claims he left an offline message, but yes MANY people use my PC and I am not the only that gets all the off-lines! MANY people here in TASA have been to my house, and know this, I was not blowing smoke!

The second time plans were semi made...I was babysitting, but Keith was going to call me at 9....I think he called me the next day...his battery died the night before...

now 4 of July I received another invite to join you both...stated I was wasn't interested, he said get some rest see how you feel, then I'll call later we can go to dinner. then the 3 of us can get together...
well my plans for that day changed..I ended up going to a friends house, spending a good portion of the say there swimming....
I didn't even know I had gotten a Voice mail from Keith, until my phone rang, and it was you.
I was VERY upset knowing that someone called me, that I did not share my number with. So no I did not reply to. I did not call back, due to my being upset, and its usually best for me to avoid situations right away, instead of running my mouth!

We have NEVER had set plans to meet, just invites-we have talked about it. but I have never even had an address to go too, so how could I be a NO-SHOW? I have given you both invitations to another local place I go to, somewhere I am much more comfortible, but those invitations have been declined

I have met Keith many times, he knows I'm real!
I don't know you nor do I have to justify any of this, however once you aired it I felt the need.
I really dont want this to end up into a pissing match...just thought i needed to state my side of the case, since you felt the need to share your side..

AltumHunksUnite 54M

7/8/2006 4:15 pm

Thanks for telling your side. Not that it was anyone else's business but yours.

And thanks for the chat we had today.

Funny... this is a site where people are given the opportunity to communicate clearly with one another, speak their minds and express themselves, and yet there are so many misunderstandings that could have been avoided by doing exactly that.

Let me drive. I like the view

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