My God mom I'm forty years old!  

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6/8/2006 10:54 am
My God mom I'm forty years old!

Last night I had everyone to dinner, was one of the few nights this summer the entire family would be in town!
My daughter flew back from Atlanta, my niece and nephew were in town this week from their summer in Naples, and my folks are actually staying put for a week or so!

I actually can cook too! I actually love to cook. Nothing fancy, but lets face it me nor the kids are emaciated

well as the typical dinners go around the household. folks are VERY early...they arrive at 4, for the 6 pm dinner, and well my sister arrives at 630. Of course she called at 530 on my 6 another call sorry running late!

So I throw the burgers on the grill, hoping no one saw me!-
well that no one would be my mother, no one else is going to get off the couch, let alone lift a finger!
please God let me get this done before she sees me back here! I'm begging....pleading with him!
My prayers weren't answered!
I see the back door open and cringe....I know its going to happen, I'm going to have to relinquish this turner...
Pass it on like an Olympic torch, however my passing is more - defeat! She won again.
she is cooking the meal!
Somewhere along the way, I realized I really don't like my mothers cooking. I thought I did.....but I really don't, my kids don't either!
She's smashing these burgers- wondering why there are such high flames....
please just let them cook....Lets not burn them all, only you and I like them well done...
well I'm cooking they will like them my way she quipped back....
Susan we need cheese......gosh , hold up, Nancy isn't even here yet....
I'm off to count to 10.....VERY slowly!
Man she got the cheese already~
maybe I should have counted to T W E N T Y~
I have no alcohol in my house....decision I made years ago.....not to drink at home....wasn't hiding my drinking, just thought if I got into habit of drinking at home.....I'd never leave the house!
Maybe I can run next door and borrow two shots of Vodka!
Nancy shows up......Thank god get this dinner on the way and these people out the door!
Hey Susan I hear from back porch...........grab me a long fork please.........sure, but what do you need that make up these no no, please let everyone make their own....
its a lot easier and no juice drips to the bun, making them soggy!
I think I forgot to mention ex husband was here too....
he opens the mayo........squirts all over him, almost like I set that up.
Like I want mayo all over my house........well he surely thought I did that deliberately.....
Fun times!
doesn't take me but 2 seconds to remind me
1 why I married - to get out of the house
2- why I divorced - to get out of another house!
where can i run now....
salvation army isnt looking to bad!

Lets see...........its birthday is in December.........wont have to see them all at one time til then.....
I love the back nine!

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