First date!  

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4/23/2006 5:19 pm
First date!

I know Easter seems like an odd day to plan a date, let alone a first date....
But after the egg hunts and dinner, what more can you do, its not like Thanksgiving and you have a game to watch! Sometimes after spending the day with family...a stranger is a welcome relief!
Corresponded via email a few times, and even chatted on the phone, seemed like a nice guy( god knows I'd never pick an asshole to go on a date with, LOL )
So Easter it was! 10 PM no less. he picked a place close to both of us, a name actually that had significance to my header in AdultFriendFinder. Cute gesture, however actually picked another place and we both agreed upon that.
I got there early, and well it was closed, then the next place was closed, so finally our forth pick was open! In we went.
had a drink, pretty quick then another!
Then what the hell happened! I guess another!
My sister came in, she snatched car keys from me
"Come on Nance, don’t be ridiculous, I know when I'm drunk" Well she was not too generous and kept those damn keys......fight breaks out in tender buys a round on the house!
Yippppppeeeeeee just what I need another drink!
well I drank it...and well time to leave I am told, by my date, who let me tell you is shows quite a bit of patience with me, he was nice to remind me of that later!
I guess he had no clue where I lived, and I'm sure at this point I have no idea where I live. he took me back to his place. 2 minutes from bar......TOPS...
good news Jeep was spared from my over active digestive track! Stumbled to the door.....not sure how we didn’t, or at least I didn’t wake any residence of the condo. I hope most had their ears safely next to teeth on the bedside tables!
I spent the next three hours on my knees.......and let me tell you what a performance! I definitely took the lead role, but my co-star in this block buster event, was a real charmer! my co-star, words can't describe what he took from me, NOR what I gave to him! my co star, never once complained at my "gag reflex"
Me on my knees, bonding with, well ....... my new best friend. Don’t think I am jumping the gun here, because at this point I'm guessing, you think My co-star was my date.......
Ha that may have been nice!
the co star I speak of, well was porcelain!
I was sick for 3 hours, all on 4 drinks!
when I finally felt better!
My very nice date and I had a few smokes and chatted...
Of course I'm trying to explain I "never get like this"
LOL I'm sure he is thinking, Oh yeah I'm sure!
I slept for a couple of hours until the phone started at 6am.....
so I snuck out and walked home! Sent off an apology note.
I actually ended up being sick on and off for the 3 days following!
When it finally hit me, I wasn’t sick from the Vodka, or anything to do with THAT night, I was sick from the bleach I had ingested, after cleaning out my water cooler, and not rinsing it properly!
My guess the bleach exacerbated the alcohol.....

I was VERY lucky to be with who I was with that night, most others, well they wouldn't have been near as kind and understanding. I know he doesn’t like to be called nice, but he is not the MASShole he would like people to think he is, Thanks you know who you are

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