Well shit!  

_Adriane_ 48M
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6/10/2006 2:59 am

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6/11/2006 7:53 am

Well shit!

Ok, so my tip who would win yesterdays first match in the World Cup was off.

I picked Germany over Costa Rica 2 : 1

The actual score was 4 : 2, but at least Germany did win as I thought they would.

Then came Poland against Ecuador, where I picked Poland to win 1 : 0.

The actual score was 0 : 2 with Poland losing its first match(as always).

Today here in Frankfurt, we have England against Paraguay. I pick England winning this match 3 : 0. Lets see what comes out of that one.

Later on, 6pm our time, we have Trinidad/Tobago playing against Sweden. I pick Sweden with 1 : 0.

I know you American friends of mine aren't interested in soccer, and it's a shame because the WHOLE world is interested, just not the Americans. Too bad. I can't wait to se our team in action. They aren't bad, but then again they are no Brazil either. The problem: their first match is against the Czechs on the 12th. They don't stand a chance! I see the Czechs winning that one 4 : 1. Have a great weekend!

rm_saintlianna 46F
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6/10/2006 5:36 am

Even just hearing the scores is boring. Sorry I cant help it!!! If it makes you feel any better I detest all sports pretty much.

_Adriane_ replies on 6/10/2006 7:34 am:
Mmmmhmmm, I heard you cheering for Pittsburgh in the Superbowl.

I am not much of a sports fan either my love, but when it comes to the championship games, I am a fan!

freetime648 53F

6/11/2006 1:23 am

I say England as well......and also Sweden...I am not a huge fan but you just cannot help getting into it over here in Germany...

xx FREETIME648 xx

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