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9/6/2005 12:28 pm

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The list blog

I read lots of list things. That's how like to get my information in list form. Some of the other bloggers have 100 lists. I don't even know where to start. What does one put on these things? What do you guys want to know about me,if anything. Maybe I will take it a piece at a time. I love most animals. I have owned 5 dogs including a wolf-hybrid and two cats.Plus two ferrets and six rats. I am allergic to horses and riding is my favorite sport. I have also played ultimate Frisbee, hashed( Not he drug), and volleyball> I have the type of face that strangers on the street have come up to me and started talking to me in a foreign language. Depending on my hairstyle people think I am either Spanish or colonial African but when they hear me talk they realize that I'm from Detroit. People say I sound"white" on the phone. I can dance. I can't sew but wish I could(I'm gonna take lessons.) I am most proud of my passport. My father died when my mother was 81/2 months pregnant. There were only three black kids in my elementary school,including me and my sister.I've been to the east coast and the west coast.I've traveled to Canada, Mexico and (one place in )Europe. I speak a little Spanish and even less French. Can surprise a few native speakers with my Russian(only a little bit, but I grew up around rocket scientist, and that was the language to know back then) One of my best friends growing up was Swedish, my ex-husbands mother was German and I always try to learn the bad words in any language. I'm not spell checking this list.

rm_sj365 56F
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9/9/2005 8:34 pm

its a great list. LOL @ not spell checking...

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