Size matters!  

ZorroGuitar69 52M
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4/20/2005 8:12 pm

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12/16/2014 6:18 pm

Size matters!

So many times I've heard people say 'It's not the size, but what you do with it that counts'. OK, fairly true but only to a point.

Given a choice, how many guys would choose to have a big(ger) one?

All I know is the look on a woman's face when she sees a really large penis. Lust and delight merge in perfect harmony.

They can hardly wait to suck it and feel it inside them, so stop putting down the 'larger' man!

rm_BeautyIsUgly 31F

4/20/2005 8:58 pm

My boyfriend has a big penis. He was thin and everything and when he took it out of his mouth dropped and I swear to God I thought how the hell is that going to fit in me!? Hahah. It took 15 minutes before he could get it in all the way. Its amusing...I perfer an average man.

ddbjq 55F

8/8/2009 2:51 am

I have had a guy who was 10 inches and about 4 inches around. It was HUGE! I dated him for a month. I broke it off because his dick was to big! It hurt and I didn't want to be stretched out like that! I couldn't even fit it in my mouth to give him a good blow job.
I'd rather have a good size one on a man that knows how to use it.
that is what really counts.
The man knowing how to work his shit.

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