Reflections on a night of swinging....  

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4/17/2005 4:22 pm

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Reflections on a night of swinging....

First of all, it was lots of fun at the club with good food and great dance music. The croud was a mix of ages and races with everyone getting along. Public sex was free for observation without even entering the "bone room."

Second, although I am a slim guy, I was pleasantly surprised to see most guys were not packing as much meat as me. None of the guys that actually played with my wife were as large as me. That was a nice finding. Maybe more women will take advantage of me next time.

Third, it is difficult to see another man fuck your wife. Although turned on by it, it still seems taboo. In a swing situation you can just walk over and stick your dick into of another man's woman without so much as a "hello." I hope to deal with my jealousy in constructive ways eventually. Wifey's performance has got me ready to get at it tonight. I hope she reads this.

Number four. Although I really dig slim or "fine" chicks with big breasts, small waist and full hips I was amazed at my attraction and attention I paid to other body type women during play. With everyone fucking in the same room you just might reach over with any free body part (mouth, hand, fingers) to pleasure some nearby part of a stranger. It was really better than 90% of the porno orgies I have ever seen.
I was pleased that various women turned me on like that but I appreciate wifeys' bod even more now.

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