A night of swinging.  

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4/17/2005 1:12 pm

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A night of swinging.

I just got in from a night of swinging in the ATL. What a night! If you haven't tried it, give swinging a chance.
The night began with a meal and dancing at the club. We'd planned to meet another couple but they ran a little late. They arrived and we chatted and watched other couples before they had to leave. Thanks to T&C for driving up to ATL to meet us. Before they left, my wife gave me a public blowjob in the area outside of the group sex room. The audience was appreciative.
We entered the complex of private sex rooms and suites that I collectively call "the bone room." After a quick tour, we decided on a group room and went to work. My wife began to suck me off and I was immediately hard. Then she laid me on my stomach on the bed and began to smack my buttocks and lick my ass. I could feel the eyes of the room on me. Then it was her turn and I licked her from the doggy position while she lay near another cluster of naked, intwinded bodies. A woman began to rub my wifes' breasts and they kissed and licked each other. She then began to give a nearby guy a blow job while I fucked her doggy-style. This went on for a while with my wife's mouth moving to the original womans' pussy and then another hottie. This was too much for me and I nutted on her ass then wiped off the cum with a towel. My wife, the second hottie and another couple formed a daisy chain of oral pleasure. The last hottie fingered my wife vigorously and I began to lick her at the same time. Then I kissed and squeezed the big juicy tits of the hottie while wifey was fingered and also licking another womans' pussy. More people had selected this sex room by now and moans and squeals filled the room.
Some dude began to eat my wifes' pussy with results I had never witnessed from her. His wife finished off fucking the guy next to me then gave me the ultimate blowjob. Not even the bargirls I've had in Bangkok could compare to the sucking this sista gave me. This couple was truely golden. After that dude licked her, another guy became the first man during our marriage to fuck my wife (a wild sight I might add). After he had a few strokes, the oral couple and us embraced and agreed to hook up again on another occasion.
Wifey and I headed out to the restrooms but she was separated from me and when I looked back, she was getting on her knees to suck a dick. Not knowing quite what to say, I went on to the urinal and returned to find her sucking two dicks!
And doing it well!
I became the third dick and we formed a semi-circle around her. She was like a cockwhore from a good porno flick. Full of energy and enthusiasm for whichever dick she sucked. They dubbed her "Lil' Kim" for her nasty performance. I wish I had this act on video because it was perfect. This went on for a while then she made her run for the bathroom.
Afterwards, we had more drinks and jumped in the hot tub. She gave me an underwater blowjob that was not to be believed. We returned to the group sex room that was so lively earlier. It had cleared out so we went at it for our finale. Some guys wanted her to suck them and join in but we expressed that this was private time and they could watch from a distance. They still hovered too close for my taste. I am sure they heard of her from earlier in the evening and wanted a sweet taste of ass. I wasn't in the mood for more sharing and it was very late (after 4am). We fucked doggy until I came on her ass and upper body while getting to her mouth. She sucked up the remainder and asked me to finish her orally. Gladly!
I licked the smooth pussy as she added her fingers to the mix and she came loudly. We were too tired to move but we needed to get back to the hotel. We said our goodbyes, exchanged a few numbers and dressed before leaving. We will be back and hope other hot couples will join us there.
Until next time....

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5/9/2005 7:54 pm

nice dude u have a good memory of the evening activities....i c uboth had fun

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