The last weekend ruled!  

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8/3/2006 8:12 pm

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The last weekend ruled!

Hiya peeps!

I just had the best adventure weekend of the summer!
I went to my friend Max's Bachelor party...OMG!

We went and did some whitewater rafting on the Penobscot. Although the water volume was a lilttle low, we still managed to have a good time.

Everyone was pretty hungover from Friday night. We all drove up after work, its a 5 hour trip. Ours was a little longer as we encountered severe thundershowers. It was like the world was ending.

I drove Max's Pickup with a trailer behind with a ton of gear for everyone (15 guys).
Even though he's got an outdated inspection sticker, and with the weather and all, I managed to get there no prob.

We partied all night until 6am when we needed to get down to the river.

Our guide was OK but wasn't gonna have us up to our usual antics.

We ran the river only flipping once. BORING! lol but we did manage to surf the raft at the lower falls for a really long time. To the point where we were trying to flip it but coudnt seem to do it. That pissed the guide off a bit but o well...

So the whitewater came and went... Time now to go do what we came to do. Time to Jump!

The place we went also does sky-diving. It was awesome...even beyond that!

Three went the first night and the rest went on Sunday.
I was a little woosy Sunday morn but I was first up. I was to jump with Manny, the jump master.
They take you up and you connect to a special harness and you jump tandem.

The plane was smaller than I expected; an eight seater with no seats in it save for pilot and co-pilot (if there was one). The rest of the plane was just a flat an excerise pad and a special roll up door.
They fly you up to 10,500ft and the view is absolutely incredible. You can see Mt. Katahdin and the Penobscot...and somewhere down below a miniature airport where we took off from.

Manny is a cool kid, I think he is Brazilian. He got well over 1000 jumps; something like 10 hours of freefalling. Hes got a calming tone and just made the whole thing completely cool. The kind of guy that you seem to know that you can trust.

We got to about 8000ft and he asked if I wanted the door closed. "Hell no" I replied. I felt very comfortable despite the fact that we were't fastened together yet, that I was sitting on a flat floor just in fron of Manny with my legs straight out and no seat belt. Oh yeah did I mention that the door is right next to me?... lol

He strapped us together, went over the routine, asured me that were together in this and then we moved toward the door.

I sat for a moment with my feet out the window as the pilot slowed to about 85mph.

Manny says, "OK ready?.. one ... two...three!!" and we were off! The sensation was sheer exhiliration (hmm thats prolly not spelt rite) We were flying! we got controlled "belly-down" postion very quickly. I think I had my mouth open for the first half of the ride lol. My forefingers and pinkies seemed to lock into the heavy metal devil sign and a huge grin spread across my face! Manny slowly rotated us in a flat spin and pointed to the horizon, I glnced up but I couldnt seem to take my eyes off the ground.
The shute opened with a startling jerk and the harness bit cruelly into my crotch but it was the feeling of not dying so it really wasn't a bad thing at the time.

He guided us down with great precision and a few twirls here and there for fun. The ground came in fast as we got close, my legs held up horizontally as he prepared to flare the shute.
He flared, we stalled quite nicely and came down with a perfect stand-up landing.

I hugged him and and we laughed and shouted!

Manny, thanks my brother! You turned me onto something here and did it well!

I will never forget my first 45secs of free falling with a total stranger.

Theres a lot more to this story, I had to leave alot out. I just couldnt explain this group of guys...just one of the best group of friends and people I've seen. You just gotta know these guys to understand. Anyway... I suggest that everyone who is able, go out , and jump. I believe you can't truly appreciate life unless you are on the edge of death. You gotta try to kill yourself in order to really live!

Off to try to dream about the sky...

lata peeps... Daniel

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