Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...  

Zoinks1234 45M
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8/6/2006 5:44 am
Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I met with the owner of the house down the street. Its just two doors down from my mom's house. I offered 210,000 for it. The guy agreed and I got preapproved for the loan online. Cool thing is that My brother and his fiance are buying the house on the other side of me.

I hope the deal goes thru and the loan works out. Its gonna be a tough payment but I will manage...somehow.

The house needs paper and/or paint and a lot of cleaning. The basement is dry and I think it will make an excellent practice room for my drumset.

Oh...and its gonna need something else... a frikkin girl! Hmm...maybe I'll check E-bay ...try to get some kind of a trap and hunt me down a chick =)


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