Shaved or not Shaved?  

Zamot18 32M
6/2/2006 4:44 pm
Shaved or not Shaved?

I have been shaving my whole chest and pubic hair since i was 17. Personnaly, I felt bad for the girl who was giving me a BJ to have hair stuck in her mouth.
And same for me, I LOVE giving her pleasure for hours just with my tongue.Playing with her clito, fingering at the same time. Oral sex is, for me, way better than penetration. So not having to deal with hair in my mouth is the reason why i love it shaved.
And i think it just look better, thats it.

So i was wondering, What do you guys like better ?
Shaved for sure
Noo too long, no too short.
Hairy like a Forest
Don't care !

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