...For those who misunderstood...  

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8/14/2006 5:51 pm

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...For those who misunderstood...

...I met a couple last weekend.We had already made contact thru AdultFriendFinder. I was very excited(even if it wasnt totally apparent)It was so cool to think some things can actually fall into place just like that. It was difficult to talk where we were(loud dance music). We had quite a few interruptions and so forth.I was there for several reasons too,and the whole thing wasnt exactly planned either,but thats alright. I had to help some jentleman out of our space(he wanted in on it too-sorry sucker)It was just a really...well...a sense of uncompfortable tension. I noticed my newly met couple were not having the best time. We needed to relax and that night was not the time I guess. She thought I was cool,I felt a mutual compatibility between all 3 of us and I wanted to think her Man was cool with me. We had a pretty good start but ,I dont know what happened. They had to leave for very good reasons. But had a dissagreement with each other on the way home. Next thing I know,NOTHING. I know absolutely nothing. I recieved a message 2 days later explaining to me the aftermath. It caused me ,really,some sadness. People,friends,you really need to let go of your doubt and inhibitions,jealousy all those things that keep you from really being Happy,Mature,mutually fun seeking Adults. There is honor in sharing. you meet alot of People who cannot behave themselves,have no code of ethics and soforth. I am definately not without a zillion ethics. "Blue Falcon",honor your Friends,respect each others wishes. Whats yours is yours and whats mine is mine,but,I am a very sharing Person. I know how to have real fun. Im not in competition with my friends unless we are playing some football. I by no means try to intimidate my Friends. Just serious fun People. Thats all. Not here to take away or break any hearts. I am not a Kokopeli,Okay? I think...equally.

CB_2 52F

8/14/2006 6:20 pm

Maybe one of the two of them wasn't really as into the idea as the other, and when the opportunity of some action appeared, that dissent came to the surface. It was probably nothing to do with you personally at all. Sorry your night was spoiled, though.

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