What is Fuck Club?  

ZHFuckClub 54M
8/8/2006 11:53 am
What is Fuck Club?

We are a very private and confidential group of intelligent, responsible and respectful men and women, ages 18-44, who are open and honest about their sexual passions, desires and needs.

Current members include; professionals, college students, single parents, even a few former erotic models and strippers. Self proclaimed nymphos who are open to basic sexual exploration, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes and Wild Kinky Fun of various kinds. Fuck Club was created to provide a safe environment to satisfy sexual needs and explore wild fantasies or desires. THIS CLUB IS MORE ABOUT ONE ON ONE FUCKING, WITH GROUP FUN AS AN OPTION.

Who is in the club?
Because we are a private group and many request total confidentiality, we do not provide access to or share the names or photos of individual group members, without consent, with people outside the group. We can assure you, since each member is screened by being required to meet a current member in person.

Our members are considered the best of the best from AdultFriendFinder. Everyone is screened before being allowed membership and more then half of our applicants are denied access. We have very high standards and expect you to as well. Each member is expected to participate according to our rules and guidelines with a no tolerance policy. So if you want to play with the best people from AdultFriendFinder in a safe, honest, responsible and respectful environment with people who are proven real and members who are bound to our rules for play.. JOIN OUR CLUB!

What to expect
Since this club is only a conduit to connect with other like minded, honestly sexual individuals… you can explore what you desire with other club members. From simply sharing great one on one sex to setting up a threesome to participating in one of our scheduled sex parties, you can fuck as much or as many as you want. As long as each club member follows the Rules of Respect, it should be a good time for everyone.

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