Myths, Madness and Mutual Respect  

ZHFuckClub 54M
8/7/2006 3:11 pm
Myths, Madness and Mutual Respect

It's funny how people make assumptions and conclusions based on little or no information or knowledge about a subject.

It’s a great honor, I suppose, to have such a flurry of rumors buzzing about Fuck Club. It shows the impact and success of our club. If people didn’t want to get in or it wasn’t a big deal, then no one would give a shit to waste time talking about it or spreading false stories in an attempt to keep people from being interested. Keep in mind, when you hear someone talking about fuck club who is not a current member of fuck club, they really don’t know what is really happening inside the group.

The fact is; if someone is talking about fuck club beyond those assigned to the moderator position, they are either:

a.) breaking the rules of fuck club and should be booted.
b.) were never in fuck club and talking out of their ass.
c.) were in fuck club and booted because they couldn't follow our rules.

We do not discriminate and offer total transparancy to our members. We are open to all comments, suggestions and recommendations from all fuck club members.

We are very selective about who we allow into fuck club, which means we have to neglect or refuse many, many, many others. That pisses people off who have the ego to think they deserve to be part of what we have created, even if we don’t think they should be. In fact, it’s those types of personalities we try to keep out of fuck club.

This is a private club. It’s a free club. Our only form of discrimination is against those who are not honest, humble, respectful, responsible or able to enjoy wild kinky fun without hesitation and keep it going more than 2 minutes.

So if you want to know the reality about fuck club, please just ask us directly; instead of getting false information third hand from people who don’t know what they are talking about or are pissed they can’t be members.

Let’s dispel some of the most prolific rumors and myths that have been created in relation to Fuck Club. Most of which, buzz around about the "guy who runs fuck club"

1. "He refuses to wear a condom" - This is not true. Every member of Fuck Club is expected to practice some form of safe sex at all times. While it is true condoms are not used at all times; that only happens after an honest and blunt discussion occurs about safe sex, STD’s and sexual histories and two people get to know and understand each other. Two of the 12 rules in fuck club are; 7. Safe Sex! STD Free or Condoms. And 8. No matter what, condoms required upon request. The fact about STD’s and the club owner; he has never had an STD in 5 years and gets tested once each month. Read our posting on Safe Sex.

2. "Every woman who wants to get in has to fuck the club owner" - This is not true. Fuck club currently has 3 male moderators. Only one of which is the club owner. The moderator who is chosen to be the initiator for a new member is based on age, schedules and location. There are many current female members of fuck club who have never fucked the club owner.

3. "The club owner gets a lot of action" - This is not true. The club owner only fucks, on average, once a week. That’s not much "action" and while you might think, by running or being a member of a fuck club you would get to choose what women you fuck as much as you want... that is not true. Most of members of fuck club are here because they have busy lives and not much time to devote to the bullshit of finding out who is real, who is willing and who is worth fucking from AdultFriendFinder or ALT. Being a member of fuck club allows our members access to other people who are proven real, ready to fuck and worth fucking more then once.

4. "If you join, you have to fuck everyone" -This is not true. While new applicants do not get to choose who initiates them for club membership; once you are a member, you choose who you fuck when you fuck and as many or as often as you want to fuck as long as you engage in the process of communication with other members. The reason for not allowing new applicants to choose who they fuck to get in, it is an initiation, not an AdultFriendFinder hookup. The purpose of the initiation is to have the applicant prove they are real, ready to fuck and want to get right into it. While we understand the concern of many who aren’t going to just fuck anyone, our moderators are not just anyone. They have received the position of moderator after a majority of current members recommended that person for the position. So our moderators are the best of the best our club has to offer. In addition, they are held to a higher standard and set of expectations when representing the club.

5. "Once you are in the club, you are not allowed to leave." LOL, this is just bullshit. Our club is about freedom of the individual. Anyone in Fuck Club is free to take a vacation, leave, even come back if they left on good terms.

If you've heard other rumors about any aspect of Fuck Club or if you have questions about the club, feel free to post them. We will respond to all genuine questions.

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