Info For Couples Who Wish To Join.  

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8/22/2006 11:53 pm

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Info For Couples Who Wish To Join.

We've started to get some interest from couples. It's recommended that couples read the following blog post.

The FuckClub is primarily for singles to have sensational sex with the opposite gender. But that doesn't mean couples can't participate. They just have to abide by the same rules as everyone else. It's a little more difficult than it sound for couples. This isn't a swinging club! This isn't an orgy club! This club is primarily for single strangers to meet other single strangers for dating and fucking! A couple in the ZHFC will need a lot of trust in both themselves and the club to truly feel comfortable.

The Process!

The process for accepting couples is slightly different. Each partner in the couple will have to fill out the application form separately. Just like any individual would. Then the couple would sit down for an interview in a public place with a male and female moderator. This is so the Moderators can meet the couples together and gauge their suitability to the club.

On agreement, the moderating staff will inform the couple that we think they're ready for the club. At that point, the couples should realize that they will be treated as individuals, not as a couple, in the club. This will be explained during the initial interview. But it must be stressed!

For example, a moderator will not reveal nor feel obligated to discuss the liaisons of one half of the couple with another. Each member of the couple will get their own personal moderator to protect their privacy. Both members of the couple will be expected to play on an individual basis within the club. That doesn't mean they can never have fun together within the club. Just that they're also expected to play apart. If a couple cannot or will not do that within the club, they will be asked to leave.

First the female member of the couple will be asked to do a follow up interview. This will allow her to discuss her membership privately and away from her partner. On a successful interview the female half of the couple will then undergo initiation. Afterwards, once she is a full member in the club, the male half will undergo the same process. That includes a private interview with two moderators and a possible initiation into the club.

When a couple applies to the club, a male and female space is reserved for both members. It is entirely possible that one member will be accepted and one member be rejected. The female member could be accepted and the male one rejected or vice versa. The couple must be prepared for this possibility. The club would understand if one half of the couple would not want to be involved if the other half is excluded. But these are the rules. The Moderators make the decision on who joins for the good of the club. It's up to the mods to accept them or not. Any member can leave at any time.

The Rules!

There are a few rules that need to be repeatedly stressed to couples.

No Jealousy! Any couple who enters the PFC must realize that they are allowing their partner to have unfettered sexual affairs in private. They should not get jealous of other members screwing their partner. Otherwise, why did you join?

Discretion! Couples must follow the discretion rules. There's nothing wrong with sharing your experiences. But there may be some times when a club member asks you not to share something. Even to your other half. Please respect the privacy of this member.

Hazard Recognition! Couples should regularly discuss the club and how they fit into it. They should thoroughly discuss the issues with being in a club like this before they join. Couples should constantly examine their relationship between themselves and the club to ensure that no damage is being done.

The Reasons!

Why might couples be interested in the PhillyFuckClub? For the experiences! This might add some spice to your life which is different from swinging. It'll allow you to expand your horizons. The things you might learn within the club could improve your own relationship. As long as you understand the risks, you might get a lot of reward from the club too!

lorbas100 57M/48F

11/20/2006 4:31 pm

haetten interesse bei euch mitzumachen.
lieben gruss

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