Club Rules  

ZHFuckClub 54M
8/8/2006 1:22 pm
Club Rules

1. No one talks about Fuck Club Outside of Fuck Club. (Keep the integrity of the club)

2. Honesty. (No games, no BS. Be real)

3. Mutual Respect. (Treat others better then you wish to be treated) No gossip.

4. 100% Confidentiality. (What you see, hear, discover
in the club, stays in the club)

5. Sexual Responsibility. (Act like a slut, don't
actually be one)

6. No Drugs. (No need to get stoned when hot Fucking is better)

7. Safe Sex! STD Free or Condoms. (Clean Fucking, no pregnancy)

8. No matter what, condoms required upon request. (ALWAYS respect others wishes or don't fuck)

9. No means NO. (We all love to be Fucked, not .)

10. No Jealousy. (open play, if you can't handle it,
don't join)

11. What happens here, stays here. (Back to the confidential thing.)

rm_urs64 53M

10/25/2006 5:49 am

This are clear rules, i like it but i will be not able to join.
Congratulations to this club.
There should be more clubs like this, especially with this kind of rules.
I wish you all the best for the future.
Will check out from time to time your page.


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