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2/21/2006 1:59 pm

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You can't tell me that when you get stood up or played as a ONE NITE STAND or when you sleep with someone on the first date then he or she is never heard from again that it doesn't bother you. It's easy to say F...IT!, or IT'S HIS LOSS OR IT'S HER LOSS, but you have to admit it's a piece of you even a "small" piece that's been given or taken, and it's those situations where you find it alittle harder to smile on the "inside". I know we all say LET'S NOT PLAY GAMES, but intentionally or not we all get caught up in know not answering emails, or not answering his/her phone calls (FOR THE RECORD I HAVEN'T done be best of my knowledge!...or should I say I plead the 5th????)'s crazy isn't it the things we do to one another LOVINGLY and NOT SO LOVINGLY!..anyway I dealt with that ackward feeling of "rejection" because I was unsure of the guys reactions or attitude after our "date" or "encounter", and also with the lack of know you don't see an email of any kind not even to say Hello/what's up?...JUST some sign of "knowing" your good time wasn't in vain so to speak. So of course I tend to say F....IT! OR IT'S HIS LOSS, but alittle piece of me tends to be leary and smile from the inside a little less for the next MAN/MEN, I'm sure it's the same for some of you fellas out there too. ALL IN ALL EVERYTHING IS PLEASENT AND CONTENT IN "CARAMEL COUNTRY"! HOLLA BACK AT ME..if you're still breathing...LOL!

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2/21/2006 2:19 pm

Being rejected sucks and the feeling that comes along with it can last a minute or up to days. It really depends on how much you like the person to begin with. I know being rejected by someone who I was slightly interested didn't bother me as much as being rejected by someone I really wanted to be with. The worst rejection in my opinion is when someone has spent 4 years with you and then decides that she is in to women as much as I am and then leaves to pursue an ex girl friend of mine. Or to top that one, I was going to ask a girlfriend who I was with for 3 years to marry me but she called it off when she got a new job and fell in love with someone at her new place of employment. Yeah, rejection sucks but we all have to go through it. It reminds us that we have feelings too.

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2/21/2006 3:31 pm

I look at it this way. A person, who behaves in a way you described above, lacks integrity, and not the kind of a person I would want to be with. It is better to learn about it sooner than later when you have invested your time and emotions. Actually, they are doing favor to you by getting out of your life and giving you a chance to meet somebody who is worth your time and emotions.

How do you deal with rejection? You say " Next in line, please" and by having dates lined up, one of them will work out, and till you find the one that works out keep going out on dates. I probably would not even notice wether I was rejected or not, as usually I am very busy, and my datebook is full.

FrancFlatsHoman 54M

2/26/2006 9:24 am

Hello my sweet Choc. you know how I feel about the whole hit and run thing. As for you guys that do this to these sweet and wonderful creatures like this one, shame on you, and as you look at the notch on your belt. You have to know that what goes around comes around. You will find a woman you will want and she will use you and walk away and leave you rejected just know pay back is a bitch.

As for you my friend hang in there, not all men are asshole's.


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