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8/14/2005 5:37 am

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Thats Right Blah

or in my case a rather 'blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah' said with as little effort as possible, why I hear you scream have I not put in any effort into saying 'blah' well that is casue I am fucking tired, too tired to correct that spelling mistake, to tired to get a half decent erection Hell to tired to lay back and get screwed by some hot twenty something babe, the only thing I am not too tired to do is to lie down and have a thorough back massage, but even doing that could risk serious strain, yes I AM that tired!

so what have I been doing to cause such tiredness, 9 hours of drumming. Big wow I hear you think, but I am not talking about the drummers you see on Top of the pops who play the same simple fucking beat over and over again, I am talking METAL drumming, and the only way I can describe it thus:

Imagine Having a good Wack off (Okay not that hard to imagine) now imagine that you had 2 cocks, one in each hand and you are going at it both at the same time, now imagine doing that but you are doing it to a set rhythm and you are keep time by nodding your head, now add on top of this is is a fairly fast rhythm, now so far this doesn't sound too hard, except you are doing all of this while Jogging. and even that doesn't that hard, but then you remember I just did that for 9 FUCKING HOURS!!! Now that sounds fucking exhausting, and if it doesn't go fucking pick up a set of drum sticks and try and play along to some old metallica (I am making it easy for you) and then you will see how fucking nackering it is!

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