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8/31/2005 9:57 pm

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Just got back from a short break in Italy today. AdultFriendFinder is cool, you choose where you are going then link up, with members in that area. No long ting!

After having my return flight delayed and then missing the last train to the city centre, owing to arriving at the airport after midnight, on the bus ride home, I spent a lot of time just thinking how my life had developed. It certainly is not what I expected it to be ten years ago.

The thing that brings the most poignant memories for me is music.

When I was but an egg, I came across a program on Channel four, which showed classical and modern compositions set to a backdrop of landscapes and cute animals and stuff. It was called "The Art of Landscape"

This was strange for me as up to this point I had always exclusively listened listened to Hip-Hop but this really captivated me.

I have always wondered what happened to it, when a few weeks ago, by chance, I found it showing in a very limited capacity on a satellite channel.

Some of the pieces have the power to regress me right back to childhood! There is a piece which shows some deer running about in the snow, and it makes me remember the times as a boy just looking at the night sky as snow fell thick and fast. Being out on snowy days, everything silent and feeling happy.

But the main memories it brings are of the girls I was with at the times. I never seem to get around to taking photos, but the music always keeps my memory sharp.

The very first tune I heard on that program was a piece called "On the future of aviation" by Jerry Goodman. I have just watched it now and ten minutes later I have the album! Isn't the Internet heavy! This reminds me of the first Italian girl of my life! I was so happy then.

Hmmm...seems that I have been searching for a fleeting moment that lasted only a month.

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