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12/25/2005 5:27 am

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A FLASH for my readers HOT off my press-I do more than most of the guys I have known and do not think with that coochie under my dress!

Christmas Day-2005 I am out here going to school my home nearly 1800 miles away. Why go home this Christmas, my parents went to Spain for Christmas and I wasn’t invited. They deserve some them time and I do understand that.
I arrived in Colorado in August of this year, wow those mountains nothing like that where I come from, people in my neck of the woods go to Vermont to ski-whoop te do! Can’t go to the clubs here do not meet the age requirements. Get invited to parties and raves all the time, went to a few, geeze, what a bunch of fools that could not hold their booze and made idiots of themselves. Will not be doing that, anytime again soon.
A year ago I was in high school and beleaguered and harassed by male classmates, feeling me up, grabbing at my tits, and all over me like ugly on ape, that was not doing a thing for this girl, nothing but making me sick! I will tell you up front, I hate organized sports, especially football, it sucks big time. Overpaid morons who are worshipped like Gods and can’t even string an intelligent sentence together. I do not watch sports and I will not be in the company of anyone who does while I am their guest.
As I stated in my profile, I won’t be placing pictures of my boobs, pussy or my sweet ass on here either, why in the hell would that be necessary, anyway? I could see it if I were an exhibitionist. Yet some of these other women have beautiful faces and great verbiage in their profiles. I guess I just don’t understand why they have to make spectacles of their bodies, for men to write to them. In all reality and with no judgment on them they are not doing themselves any service by revealing themselves for horny males to drool over and whack off to as they view.

FYI I lost my cherry at sweet 16 to a guy 22 and had five partners since then, one that lasted about 18 months, he was 24 and very much a child when you get down to it. Then one of my father’s business associates who was married and 44 years old had an affair with me. I hope daddy never reads this! Mom either! Anyway, he introduced me to sex, yes SEX for the first time. He could eat my pussy oh so good and not just lick it for five minutes or less, he was on it for a long time before ever fucking me. He was also very intelligent and had a very nice 8+ inch cock that lasted for hours until I got sore. He knew how to suck my tits and not chew and slobber on them, something I thought was just how it was done-stupid me.

He took me to a swinger’s club where I had sex with other men, older men and had sex with women and couples, all mature and older. It was fantastic and I learned what really cumming was all about. Since I have been here I have been asked out on many a date, and went only to find I was out with a kid a long ways from a man. Surfing the net I found this adult site and thought I might give it a try for some steamy experiences, if that happens, great, if it doesn’t nothing ventured nothing gained. I only hope that people read my profile, because I have already filtered out via this sites computers people I do not desire to write me. I stated what I am interested in, now the question is; will I find it on here or not?

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12/25/2005 8:45 am

if your reading this i don't think your a slut.you know what you want and you get it.keep having fun and welcome,666pornstar.

rocketman80301 52M

12/25/2005 10:29 am

Love to meet you. It sounds like I'm what you're looking for. I just emailed you a few minutes ago..I'm reachable at the same screen name on Yahooooooo and AIM.. Merry Christma. xoxoox Mike

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