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1/5/2006 5:45 pm

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I got a message on my phone that a girl who I used to date in college was in town. Her name was Kate. I invited her over to dinner one night. We ordered in chinese, and talked about what we'd been doing. She was working at a magazing publishing company, and was doing really well. It turns out, she hadn't lost her virginity either. We had both, though, popped our cherries using our fingers. I told her I was really loose, and she wondered how I could have gotten that way using my fingers only. I said that I had started using more than one. We were then both really drunk. So drunk that she asked if she could stick her finger up my vagina. I smiled and agreed. We went to sit on the couch, and I spread my legs. She pulled off my thong and teased my already wet clit. Then she slid her finger in. It felt great! She then pulled it out, and in, and out, and in again over and over. I LOVED it. Pretty soon I pulled away and placed my lips to hers. Hers were warm. I slid my tongue slowly into her mouth, and we began to passionately make out. Pretty soon, her hand was up my shirt, pinching and playing with my nipples. My fingers were playing with her clit, and we were having all the fun we used to in college. Then she broke off and began eating my pussy. It felt so good that I came right on her face! She drank every ounce, then licked her lips to see if there was any left. Then I ate her out till she came 2 times. Her cum tasted fantastic. Then, we agreed to do another thing we used to do in college. We used to dress up in see through garments without bras or panties, allowing everyone to see our parts. Then we walk into a frat or a boys dorm, and do a strip show for the boys. This time, though, we'd do it at the clubs.

I dressed in a see-through miniskirt and a see through belly-tube-top. Kate dressed similarly.

We got into one of the average clubs, and as soon as we were inside, we threw off our coats, revealing our revealing cloths. Men were all over us like flies. We then did our routine: We grapped the bottom of our shirts and slowly we pulled our top up and off. Then we grinded with eachother, pressing our fingers against eachothers naked breasts. Then I'd pull down her skirt and touch her pussy, and she'd reach her hand up mine. Then she'd pulled down my skirt and pinch my nipples as I played with her pussy. The crowd loved it. When we went home, we made passonate love! It was wonderful. Kate and I are back together, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking for others!

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I am so fucking wet rite now i need some pussy

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1/6/2006 6:34 pm

Wish I was there to seethat!!

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