ladies hair, down there...  

Xmoreface4youX 36M
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8/10/2006 11:43 pm
ladies hair, down there...

Im sure this topic has been beat to death everywhere its been brought up but I just wanted to shell my opinion on the matter. After Reading alot of the advice columns, I came across a few of them dealing with Bush and Im not talking about the president. Being a Young guy, Nearly all of the girls I have been with have been completely shaved with maybe the exception of 2 or so. My question is, What is all the Hype about?? Dont get me wrong, I dont discriminate, but I do find Shaved pussies to be lacking excitement. I didnt grow up in the days when every woman had a huge bush, maybe thats why I have come to admire those who choose to keep a little hair down there. Personally, I find it very exciting when I see that a girl has some because it is SUCH a rarity these days. Not only is it a turn on visually, but I also like the attitude behind it. It seems to me like it has become a trend to have a brazilian and when a girl says, fuck the trend, I think that is super hot. I feel weird bringing this up because I almost feel like an outcast for thinking this way, shame on me for actually liking a natural women and not a Porn slut.

cheeky_aphrodite 31F

9/16/2006 11:11 am

Well, I, for one, appreciate your way of thinking. The completely shaven look kind of creeps me out actually... too lolita for me. Maybe I'm getting too sociopolitical over body hair, but the culture surrounding hairless female bodies strikes me as skeezy at best. It all smacks of underage schoolgirl fantasies, which just doesn't jive with my views... possibly because, being the female in the scenario, I am left with the perverted old man that completes the fantasy. Yick.

I will shave my pussy lips from time to time, if for no reason other than being able to feel more, but I never shave everything. A little shaping, keeping things trimmed and clean... that's all that's really needed. Natual is sexy, on both genders. Kudos to you for seeing that!

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