Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf??  

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11/15/2005 6:59 pm

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf??

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She was a very sweet and beautiful girl, and everyone loved her. Little Red Riding Hoods' Grandma, who lived deep in the forest, became very ill. Riding Hood decided that she would visit Grandma and bring her some treats to make her feel better.

Riding Hood began her journey through the forest, and the further in she went, the darker and scarier it became. She began to get the creepy feeling that she was being watched. She was very relieved when she saw the smoke from the chimney, and the front light on at Grandma's house. When she knocked on the door, there was no answer, but Grandma is old and ill, and probably didn't hear, so Riding Hood went on inside.

Riding Hood crept into Grandma's room, and walked softly to the bed where Grandma was sleeping. Suddenly, The Big Bad Wolf sprang from under the covers, threw Riding Hood onto the Bed, and said "Little Red Riding Hood...I'm going to FUCK you!!!" Riding Hood put up quite a fight, and managed to get the upper hand. Holding tightly to the scruff around the wolf's neck, she looked him in the eye and said...
"No you're NOT!!! You're going to EAT ME like the book said!!!"

rm_saintlianna 46F
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11/26/2005 8:03 am

I love fractured fairy tales.

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