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11/27/2005 8:54 am

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you don't want drama

So me and my homeboys went to the club last night. There's a club called Chocolate that was having college night where all the college students were SUPPOSEDLY going to be getting in free all night. But of course, when we got there, we found out it cost $20. It probably was cheaper than that earlier in the night, but the doors opened at 10 and we didnt get there till about 12:30 when it was real real packed (I knew I should have just drove by myself. I'm only one in my group of friends who can actually get stuff done). So they probably jacked the prices up. 2 of them didn't wanna pay that much, the other two of us didn't mind, but nevertheless we left and went to a place called Royal Peacock, which is a reggae club. Why we were goin to a reggae club when none of us even like reggae music I don't know. But they figured it would be $10 to get in.......WRONG, it was $15. Might as well had went to chocolate.

So we're in there, finally having a good time after they finally decided to play hip-hop music about 30mins before it was supposed to close. Its me and my 3 friends dancing near each other when all of a sudden I hear a bottle shatter and screams. Before I could even look, I actually felt shards of glass ricochet off the side of my face. Thankfully I wasn't cut. The girl who got hit, however, was anything but okay. Apparently the attacker had a beef with the other girl and straight hauled off and hit her right in the face with a beer bottle. IN THE FACE! When I turned to look to see what the hell happened, I see glass falling to the ground. The girl who got hit immediately fell to the ground, then got dragged a good 20 feet by the hair. After about another minute of hair-pulling, the attacker finally got up and disappeared somewhere. The victim got up, screaming, crying, trying to cover up the side of her face where she got hit. My friend who had a better look than i did told me she was bleeding real bad. Naturally once the DJs realized what had happened they shut the club down. When we looked on the floor, we saw a trail of blood from where she got hit at to where she was dragged to.

It was kinda traumatizing cuz it happened just inches away from me. I mean, what if the girl had missed and hit me instead?? The victim's face is probably f*cked up real bad, she could be blind in her left eye, and shes gonna need a assload of stitches to patch up all the cuts. Seeing stuff like that makes me want to take a break from clubs for awhile. We shoulda went to Club Chocolate!

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