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11/25/2005 8:48 pm

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i've been back home in atlanta for thanksgiving break since last friday and i'm sad to say that i still haven't gotten my freak on. its definitely not because i haven't been putting in work, theres just alot of people on here who arent really serious about meeting up to have fun. i'll send messages but won't receive any response, or they send 1 response saying their interested then i never hear from them again. there were 2 people who asked me to sign up for this site to confirm my identity (and i had to pay by the way), i did that, then come to find out one of them has a list of requirements that i didnt meet. the other i never heard back from. that shit pisses me off. i signed up for this site thinking i would have no trouble getting any, at least when i'm home and have my car with lots of free time, but that hasn't been the case. this site has been alot more frustrating than it has been gratifying.

unfortunately, i'm sitting at home right now writing this message cuz i have nothing else to do. i was supposed to be goin to tha club tonight with one of my homeboys but he found out that it would cost $25 to get in. money isnt really a thing to me right now so i would have paid, but he didn't want to. tomorrow though, i'll DEFINITELY be hittin up club chocolate in decatur because they have college student night where college students get in free all nite. yes sir!

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