She's trying to ruin my good time!  

XJackinyourBoxX 44M
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7/21/2006 1:21 pm

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7/21/2006 5:32 pm

She's trying to ruin my good time!

I value friendship. I think everyone should. I only really ask for a few good friends that don't think I'm crazy when I open my mouth.

Last Saturday I was supposed to go out with a friend to celebrate her birthday (belated, for various reasons). She told me she'd call as soon as she got off work.
5:00 came around. I waited. I knew she worked until 5:30.
6:00 came around - no call.
7:00 came around. I texted her asking if she was still at work. All I got in response was "LOL".

She stood me up.

I texted her twice and emailed her once. I got nothin'. Her brother had just moved back from Florida and I thought they may have done something, but not hearing an explanation or nothing bothered me.

So today, she finally sends me a text apologizing. Her weak-ass excuse - she passed out from over-partying.
So unless she was drinking on the job, that's no apology. In addition, she's once again stopped responding to me.

I'm going out tonight to what should be a great party and now I'm just pissed. I'm pissed she waited 6 days to contact me. I'm pissed that her excuse is a load, and I'm pissed that she stopped answering me.

In order to have friends, you need to be a friend.

Hopefully I'll get it out of my system before the fun commences this evening.

steamyandsexybi 45F
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7/21/2006 3:37 pm

I know how ya feel on this one.
By any means, she could've - AT LEAST - sent you a text or even a phone call to tell you she's changed her mind or whatever the reason(s). What she did was very lame and childish. Above all else, extremely ignorant and to add insult to injury- persay: An "LOL" in her one and only text?
Its understandable for you to still be pissed about it now. Personally, I wouldn't give her the time or day.
With "friends" like this, do ya really need enemies?!
Try not to dwell on it when you go out tonight. Inhale, Exhale...take a step back and remind yourself youre better off without having to deal with things like that. Its SOooooo NOT worth the aggravation....Trust me!
Go out and enjoy yourself! You only live once!


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