Dear Diary... A day at the doctor  

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7/23/2005 5:40 pm

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Dear Diary... A day at the doctor

Dear Diary,
Went to Dr. Saunders today for my physical. The new doc said he retired. Doc said he had someone new and I would be transferred to him. Not sure about this but guess I should keep an open mind. I really liked the way Dr. Saunders could take control and I could just relax. Before I could ask the name of the new doctor, he was there, escorting me back to the exam room.

Ms. Barnes, I am Dr. Mitch. I understand you are here for the Company's annual physical. The company's insurance has added a few necessary exams, which I will be performing today. I hope you were able to follow the instructions my nurse gave you last week. Yes Dr. I tried to clean myself... down... there... you know where I am talking about. But it's not something I exactly knew how to do. And as instructed, I have been wearing the bra I picked up from this office last week. I don't understand why I had to wear it for the week. It is very tight. Ms. Barnes, I am not Dr. Saunders. I tend to give instructions and not the explanation. You must ask for it if you want it.

Doc goes over to the intercom and calls for his large breasted but thin nurse. Ms. Jones, please step in here to assist Ms. Barnes. Yes doctor.
Back to me... Oh, ok. Why so tight. Well, one of the new exams requires some milk. I will have to work at getting it today and the tight bra will make it easier. Placing gown onto table he dictated; Change, I'll be back shortly.

I change unsure this is going to be as painless as Dr. Sanders had described. His retirement seemed so sudden I didn't have a chance to talk to him. Suddenly the Doctor walks into the room carrying what appears to be a set of those 3D glasses, only form fitting.

Up on the table Ms. Barnes. Now, please put these on. I find my patients are more able to relax during the exam if they are able to watch something they enjoy. Placing the tight fitting glasses over my head, the Doctor assists me to lean back and hands me a remote control type device. With a little instruction I am able to work it myself. Ms. Barnes, I am now going to proceed with your exam. Please select
something to watch and relax. It would be best if you did not talk unless you feel the need to tell me something. Yes Doctor.

AND I do find something to watch... SEX... wow always takes my mind off of what I expect will be something very unpleasant. This might just change my mind about going to the doctor... Although I can feel the hard squeezing of my very ample breasts, there is no pain. In fact it feels kind of good, sort of in sink with the movie before
my eyes. Am I getting turned on by what the doctor is doing?

Ms. Barnes, I am going to extract a sample from your left and right breast. Please lie as still as possible. Sucking... Sucking... feels more like a machine than a human... no more concentrating on that... back to my movie!
While the back and forth sucking continues on my breasts, I can feel the doctor pressing on my tummy, then his hands bend my legs, placing one leg at a time on the table... exposing my most private parts... I don't thing I am covered... yes I am fully exposed. Ms. Barnes, you are going to feel some pressure at you very private
openings. Try to stay relaxed and watch your show.

Slowly I feel the prodding, spreading of my legs exposing me even more. Uneasy, I try to close them but he keeps gently pushing them apart. In no
time at all, I can feel his fingers separating my ass. What's he doing... I don't know about this... it's my ass. Was this part of the exam, I ask myself?

Ms. Barnes, you are fighting me. Try to relax. I need to examine you down here. If you relax, you will find this not unpleasant.
Trying to relax, I begin breathing heavily.. No one has ever ventured down there. It doesn't hurt just feels weird. Your doing fine Ms. Barnes. His constant "you're doing fine" allow me to relax.

My body lifts off the table as his probing finger enters. Instinctively I try to push it out. Gently he talks me through it. Yes I know this feels strange... try and relax... breath nice and slow... don't push... that's it... yes I can tell you're doing fine...

Suddenly I flash to a time when my father punished me for playing with myself. Don’t think it was his idea, it was really mom's. She and Dad walked in on me, she grabbed his hand pulling his body into hers. Next thing I know, I'm over his lap, butt in the air.

Now young lady, you know how un-lady like that is... a few swats should remind you... fearing the worst, I grabbed for his leg. Mom left and instead came a spanking I would never forget. Not that it hurt... quite the opposite, rather it was more soft... more like, well just plain GREAT. Yes, that was the first time I realized Daddy could give just as much pleasure out of a spanking as a message.

Ms. Barnes... Ms. Barnes...
Stirred out of my thoughts, the doctor was giving me instructions...

the story continues...

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7/24/2005 5:47 pm

Yes I'd like to hear the rest. Your on the right track here,was just thinking how much I'd like to be your dr.

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