Lazy Sunday Sex Part 2  

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Lazy Sunday Sex Part 2

She continued to play my shaft like a flute and out of me came enjoyable music which motivated her on. Her craving for my shaft was insatiable. After a long duration of pleasing me with her lips, mouth and tongue she stopped and ran to the bathroom to get rid of a femine object. She raced back. I took a quick swipe at her pussy. It was dry again. I worried that I would not last long due to the extreme increase in friction due to her dryness. She put a pillow under her belly and arched her back side up. I slowly slid inside her. As I began to slide in and out she ask that I do so at an angle. Making sure I hit all the right place, her clit her g spot. Being the gentleman that I am, I aim to please. I held on to her buttock lightly and continued to thrust at an angle in and out. She asked that I not slide out too far out. I continued and began to feel a build up of pressure at the base of my shaft building. She was enjoying my hard cock inside her. Her moans every so increasing. And low and behold she was dripping wet again. Eventhough the friction was gone I could feel myself get lost in the waves of sensation my cock was sending throughout my body. I felt the pressure begin to rise. I tried to not enjoy the pleasure as difficult as it was. I thought of anything the yankee score, cute puppies, and anything that could get my mind off the enjoyment she was giving me. I wanted to last long enough to make her orgasm again. She began to push off the bed post. Her moans increasing. She began to yell out grab my side, no not my thighs my lower back, yeah slam, slam me hard and fast. I began to slam downward as she thrusted upwards and held her firm and continued to slam her like a rag doll. She continued to yell out fuck me fuck me. slam me hard, slam me harderrrrr, oh god yeas, fuck me, slam me pound me babbbbyyyyyy. She began to stutter and let out a wail. She reached back and motion for me to stop. I slid out.
She turned over and repositioned the pillow under her buttocks and spread her legs. She looked at me and said come here. She adjusted my body and asked that I thrust upwards again insuring that I hit her clit and g spot. I am only to happy to please. As I thrusted into her and drapped over her we began to kiss. The kiss lead to a series of kisses which turned into french kissing. She enjoyed wrapping her tongue around mine while I thrusted into her. She began to thrust downward. I felt her pussy tighten. As it got tighter. She pushed me away. She did not want to kiss any more. She wanted me to slam her again. My mind was far away, I had focused on her lips that I forgot about the pressure building up in my shaft. I began to feel it again and drowning in the pleasure and waves and waves of sensations that it sent through out my body. She began to yell slam me fuck me harder faster fuck meeeeeeee. I lifted her legs on top of my shoulders and began to pile drive her. I was not hitting her g spot any more but she was enjoying it nonetheless. Fuck me slam me harderrrr oh god yeah. She began to stutter again. She was cumming. Her tightness in her pussy was gone. She was dripping wet. My leg began to cramp. But the sensation was addictive. I could not stop I was enjoying the sensations felt throughout my body. She began to beg please cum baby cum. I continued to thrust harder and faster into her holding her legs by her kness. A thrusting motion that on most days would cause her pain becuase of the deep penetration, but today she wanted it deep and hard. She began to wrap her legs around my neck and squeezed tightly. Oh god im cumming again please baby cum with me cum with meeeee, oh god yeah. I was numb all over. For the first time in a long time I did not know if I could cum even though the pressure was at the tip of my shaft. I kept hearing please cum cum with me please oh god cum with meee. Without thought, without force I came load after load jerking upwards as she came. Oh baby I love you I love you. I love you too. We locked in a long sensual kiss that took our breathes away. Whew she said I likie likie. Your not bad either I said. Both of us gasping for air. She reached over for a tissue and wipe herself off. Round 1 had cum to an end. We locked in a long embrace. From time to time kissing the back of her neck. After a long while of embracing I began to rub against her buttocks. Round two was about to begin.

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Hiya dusty. Economic hope you like part 2.

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8/19/2006 3:13 am

Dammit I hate going from post to post - it's like the phone ringing right in the middle of!!!!

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great writing. Will return to read more.

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