Vice and Virtue  

WykkydCeltic1 35M
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5/5/2006 3:47 pm
Vice and Virtue

A vice is an addiction or depravity that you have. You need to have it could be drugs or sex. Now a virtue is a good quality a good thing about you. Now stick with me on this just made this realization today.

People "Patience is a Virtue" well thats true, but you have to be patient on this site in hopes that a woman finds you remotely attractive enough to sleep with you. So therefore you need a virtue for a vice. Wow kinda cosmic huh. Think about it.

Oh well just had that thought it came out. I appreciate people welcoming to the blogs but hey you can welcome me by fucking lol. So if any CHICKS (tired of guys sending me messages.) Only way I will do anything with a guy is if a chick is there. Anyways any ladies the dallas area interested let me know I am always up for some fun.

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