Thursday 07/06  

WstArkCpl 49M/46F
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7/7/2006 4:58 am
Thursday 07/06

Well, we were coming back from dropping my step son off at his dads yesterday afternoon since we are on vacation this week. When we hit the Interstate my wife had taken her bra off and thanks to a little bit to drink was flashing almost every trucker we went past. After awhile I asked her about showing them her kitty, she said she could lay down and I could play with it, God it was already soaking wet. I started fingering her cunt and she had several good orgasms. I was wanting to hear the truckers talking about her as we played but only one did right before we were going to get off the Interstate one of the drivers said, Hey check out this Dodge coming up in the passenger seat! It was a blast and we are going to do it again tomorrow when we go pick him up.

Once we got home a friend or ours called and told us he was going to be in town. So he came over about 730. He gets there and we all got naked, I wish he was bi but my wife enjoys it so thats all that matters We have a good time he asked me last night if he could have her cunt anytime he wanted. I told him yes blush She sucked his thick cock and he fucked her pretty good before he pulled it out and squirted all over her face when he did that I cleaned all of it off her face and gave her a long deep kiss. He had to go about 9 but the next time he cums I am hoping he will cum in her cunt so I can clean it out good she REALLY gets off on me doing that. Needless to say my wife had probably 15 orgasms over the course of the ride home and playing till midnight last night.

Hopefully some nice looking bi guys will read this and want to play just send us an email

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