Monday 07/31  

WstArkCpl 49M/46F
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7/31/2006 6:36 pm
Monday 07/31

Well, my wife is visiting with her girlfriend this evening. Apparently she called my wife today and she was having one of those blue mood days so my wife went up there this evening to try and cheer her up. I bet they are also talking about if she is going to cum down Wednesday when our friend is going to drop by for an hour or two of playing. I told my wife if she didn't make it down Wednesday that if she (my wife) wanted to she could just let our friend pick her up and take her out and give it to her good like he did a week or two ago. The only difference this time will be he shoot in her not down her throat, gotta have something to clean when she gets home after all

I also told her if it was only going to be a 2/3some that if it was a 2some date type thing this time, it would be a 3 way the next time cause I REALLY enjoy watching her get pleased.
More details to follow.....

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