Why did you lie?  

WranglerRage 44M
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1/18/2006 4:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why did you lie?

The promises you made but did not keep, leave me wondering.
Crying for my pain is deep, in my soul making me believe you have a heart of coal.
You swore you would never intend to hurt me, your best friend I would always be.
As I travel these long lonely miles, my faith is shattered; my trust is broken from those words you have spoken.
My heart is in distress asking myself, Did I deserve this mess?

I try to understand what I did and where I went wrong.
I dried your tears, calming your fears, I held your hand in mine, our fingers entwined.
When you were weak I was there to help you along.

I cared for you as a best friend should, not once judging you as I said I never would. Now I dont know you the way I thought I had. My feelings of joy are now feelings of rage, anger and sad.

You stranded me here all alone, nowhere to go noone to whom I could turn when I was so far from home. Worried that something happened to you leaving me to feel sad and blue.

When word finally came that you were okay
shock and anger filled me when you told me to go away. Now I ponder what I should say or do, if and when I happen to run into you. All I can ask is why? All I can hope for is your reply.

I have never felt such shame, trying to find where I'm to blame. My only fault is that I cared so much, I put all I had into a friend who is now out of touch.

You were everything to me in my life, though we never met face to face. Now Im wounded hoping to find a place. Somewhere warm, somewhere safe.

Waiting for answers from you, who said I would always be honest and true. I sit here and I cry, asking God to help me understand.

Why did she lie.

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