Summer retreat pt 3  

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Summer retreat pt 3

Kelly and Dusty drove to Kelly's cabin talking the entire time getting to know each other. Dusty couldnt help but look at the pretty redhead, her hair slowly drying and curling softly. His t-shirt fitting tightly against her body as she tied it in a knot, he could see the soft curves of her breasts as well as the hard points of her nipples. Dusty adjusted in his seat as he was becoming turned on at the site of this woman just the same as he had the day before when he found her hiding in his tent. Kelly glanced down noticing the bulge rising in his shorts, upon seeing this Kelly became turned on herself and she decided to tease him a bit with a few stretches that would cause her breasts to strain against the shirt she was wearing. Upon reaching Kellys cabin both campers got out of the Jeep and stretched again. Kelly noticing that Dusty was still aroused, gave another teasing stretch raising her arms above her head with her tanned and tone body stiffening and her breasts pressing against his shirt with erect nipples; the shorts she was wearing slid down exposing Kellys firm ass along with a glimpse of her smooth mound. "Ooop" Kelly said as she stepped out of them. "You can have these back", tossing the shorts back at Dusty who could just stare in amazement at her exposed lower half until Kelly loosened the knot in her shirt letting it fall over her curves. Dustys excitement grew even more knowing all that Kelly was wearing was just his t-shirt, Kelly herself was becoming aroused at the thought of this stranger and the bulge that was growing in his shorts; her nipples again hardening and her sex beginning to moisten as well. "Would you like to come inside?" Kelly asked. "Yes, I would like to come inside. Right behind you." Dusty replied. Kelly reached for the doorknob turning it but purposely letting it slip in her hand so that it didnt open right away, causing both her and Dusty to collide. Kelly could feel Dustys body press into hers from behind also feeling his hardness against her ass. "Excuse me" Dusty said in embarrassment. Kelly just smiled and opened the door, "Have a seat while I make us some lunch." Dusty sat down and quietly looked around the cozy cabin. "Nice place you have Kelly" "Thanks, I come here every summer to write and get away from the hassles of everyday life." Kelly explained. "What do you write?" asked Dusty. "Songs, I want to be a singer and a songwriter." replied Kelly. "Maybe I could hear one of your songs sometime." Dusty stated. Kelly responded with a proud and confident "Sure, I could sing one that I wrote after lunch." Kelly also asked if Dusty would like something to drink stating that she had a bottle of wine in her fridge that could be opened. As Dusty made his way to the kitchen he paused and noticed Kelly had tied her long red hair up into a ponytail as she was working on preparing dinner. Dusty stood in awe of the striking beauty and how his shirt clung to her curves and how her tanned legs moved with her thighs flexing as she danced around the stove. While Dusty was still daydreaming of how he would like Kellys legs wrapped around him he felt a sharp pain in his chest. It was Kelly poking him with the corkscrew, "Are you going to just stand there staring and drooling or are you going to open the wine?" "Huh?... Oh sorry" Dusty replied with a shy smile and replying, "I was admiring the view." Kelly smiled in return and blushed. "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? Im sure your boyfriend has." Dusty exclaimed. "Yes many have said that, but as far as me having a boyfriend, I dont have one." Dusty replied in shock, "Wow youre kidding me. The guy who wins your heart will be very lucky indeed." Kelly doesnt say anything just smiles and continues cooking.

Dusty finally opens the bottle and pours two glasses handing one to Kelly. After the finish with lunch they go into the living room area, sitting on the couch talking and drinking the bottle of wine. After finishing off the bottle both Kelly and Dusty began to feel more relaxed and a bit buzzed their conversation gets more interesting. "Kelly, I have something to tell you." Dusty states. Kelly looks at him in wonder asking,"What is it Dusty?" "Well I was out hiking in the woods and as I came up to a lookout area I heard the faint cry of what sounded like screaming. I didnt know what to make of it at first but then as I am peering thru my binoculars in the direction of where I thought the sounds were coming from I noticed this tube floating down the shore. I zoomed my binoculars in and came to find that it was a red headed woman and she seemed to be naked as well as pleasuring herself." Upon hearing this Kelly immediately turned red with embarrassment. "I find it quite ironic that after witnessing this and making my way back to my camp I found you naked in my tent."..........end of pt 3

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