Summer retreat Part 4  

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Summer retreat Part 4

Kelly who was still blushing from what Dusty described to her admits that it was her that he had seen floating on the tube and indeed pleasuring herself. Kelly decides to turn the tables and asks Dusty, "Did you enjoy what you were seeing at the time?" Dusty replied quickly saying, "Yes very much. So much infact that I was making my way back to my camp to satisfy my urge that I was feeling. When I had found you in my tent I was even more turned on. Youre a very attractive woman Kelly. I am quite turned on by you right now and I would like to kiss you, if I may." Kelly offers no resistance, taking off her glasses and moving closer to Dusty kissing him deeply. Dusty falls backward onto the couch pulling Kelly on top of him, her nipples hardening and poking into his chest, her legs straddling his. Kelly can feel his hardness pressing into her thigh and Dusty can feel her wetness against his, turning them both on even more. Kelly lightly rubs her thigh along Dustys hardness causing them both to moan in pleasure. Dusty runs his hands down to the small of Kellys back and over the firmness of her ass, he then squeezes it gently as he reaches for the edge of her shirt, pulling it up her body, breaking their kiss to remove it from her completely. Kelly sits up, running her hands down Dustys chest to his shorts unbuttoning them. Dusty lightly raises his hips to allow Kelly to remove them along with his boxer briefs. Dustys hardness springs free into Kellys awaiting hand she lightly strokes it, lowering her head down she kisses and licks the head slowly taking his length into her warm mouth. Kellys hands lightly run along Dustys inner thighs gently cupping his balls as she continues to suck on his shaft, Dusty moans in delight as his hands run thru her long red hair. Dustys body tenses up from the sensations and pleasure coursing thru his body, he asks Kelly to stand up then sits her down on the couch spreading her legs as he begins to kiss his way up from her feet toward her tender inner thighs and finally reaching her smooth moist sex. Dusty teasingly traces the tip of his tongue along her silken folds, he purses his lips together and lightly blows a stream of cool air over her clit causing Kelly to tremble and shriek with desire. Kelly moans out loudly as she feels Dustys mouth cover her clit then tenses up when he pulls the hard nub into his teeth nibbling on it and rolling it gently back and forth. Dusty releases her clit moving the tip of his tongue slowly thru her moist cleft feeling the steady flow of her juices onto his tongue and chin. He presses his mouth fully against her sex sliding his tongue deep into her making her tense up again and moan loudly filling the entire cabin with her cries of passion. Kelly grits her teeth and manages to regain her compsure enough to ask her lover, "Dusty, please fuck me, fuck me hard." Dusty stands up pulling Kelly to her feet then he lays back on the couch motioning for Kelly to straddle him, grabbing her hips as she reaches for his shaft placing it to her warm wet sex and lowering down upon him they both moan at the feeling of desires becoming one as he fills her with his shaft. Kelly begins to rock back and forth then bouncing up and down on Dusty wanting to feel him deep inside her, Dusty reaches up to caress, squeeze and pinch Kellys breasts and nipples. Kelly moans out loudly, once again begging for her lover, "Dusty, please fuck me hard." Answering her request he grabs her hair pulling her backward so he can mount her with his legs on his shoulders. Dusty pulls from Kellys grasp with her looking at him in wonder why has he stopped until she sees the evil grin on his face and hearing his demand, "Kelly stand up and bend over, I want to fuck you from behind." Kelly eagerly answers his demand as she stands up and bends over the arm of the couch, she spreads her legs reaching back with her hands to rub her silken lips opening them for Dusty to slide inside of with his hardness. Dusty reaches down grabbing Kellys hips as the head of his shaft pushes into her, then he thrusts inside of her hard slamming into her petite body. Dusty reaches up and grabs Kellys long red hair, she lets out a long moan at the feeling of being slammed from behind and having her hair pulled. Dusty quickly wraps his arms around Kelly pulling her into his chest, his hands kneading her soft breasts as his teeth reach for her earlobe, then down to her neck. Kelly runs her fingers down to her clit fingering and pinching it as she nears her long awaited release. "Dusty I am going to cum, please dont stop fucking me." "Kelly I am going to cum also" Dusty replies breathlessly. Kelly spins around to wrap her legs around Dustys waist as the slam into each other with lust and desire, building to that familiar sensation of reaching the ultimate feeling of satisfaction of orgasming with their lover. Their bodies tensing up and screaming out, Dusty falls backward onto the couch with Kelly on top of him they look into each others eyes not a word is spoken they share a slight smile and a soft kiss. Kelly rests her head on Dustys chest as he slowly strokes her flowing red hair as they both drift off to sleep in each others arms.

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Very nice story, I enjoyed it very much. Keep coming with them and I will keep reading

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