The other dream.  

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2/2/2006 2:01 pm

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The other dream.

So in this other dream I am sitting outside having a cigereet and I hear my bathtub water running. I go up there and for whatever reason think "Hey a bath, good idea." So I begin to getnaked then think, wait a minute somethings not right. And as I do the lights in my bathroom start to flicker. I turn around and as I do on my landing, I have one seperateing two sets of stairs in my house and thier is mirror on it, there are 4 different sets of me. It's really wierd cause they all look like me, but they are dressed different. LIke different periods of clothing. Some from early century, some of like the 50's. Anyway they all start calling out to me and saying things. I couldn't make it out but I knew that the things they were saying weren't nice and felt like they were being hostile towards me as they started to move toward me I turned to try and find a place to go and when I looked back they were gone. Then they appeared again but were right behind me. Then I woke up.

Again? Any idea's or advice?

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