The Pleasure Is Mine/Overseas Adventure  

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2/20/2006 10:30 am

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The Pleasure Is Mine/Overseas Adventure

The Pleasure Is Mine/Overseas Adventure

Traveling across the Continent,
I detoured to the Eternal City,
And damn if that visit
Isn’t still with me …

On a whim I took a detour
While at the airport de Gaulle,
To go down south,
To the land where Caesar ruled all.

So I drop down in Rome,
With not even a clue,
But it wasn’t too long
Until I found what to do …

A cafe was calling
Gently my name,
So I followed it’s direction
And obediently came.

After I took a shot,
And then it turned into two,
I look to my right,
And there is someone new.

A local of this mountainous paradise
With appearance to match equally
A gift for Europe and the world,
For all to marvel and see:
Eyes the color of Neptune‘s domain,
A mystery to all who come,
They seemed to have been made
In a world absent of the sun.
Hair worthy of a raven‘s envy,
Reaching down to her hips,
Heading from a set of dark,
But indeed inviting lips.
Her skin held a olive tone
That covered quite gracefully,
With it’s curves and contours
Being of interest to me …

While I would love to
Contrast and compare,
I’ve been taught since little
It’s rude to stare.

“Hello, my dear.” She said
In her funny little way,
If it wasn’t turning already to dusk
That would have made my day.

After I greeted in return,
I asked if she came often,
I know, a weak question
But it was all I could think of then.

We talked of many things,
Not all I can remember,
But the experience of it all
Shall come to endure.
Eventually after drafts took turns
To be unceremoniously passed,
We took our leave together
And departed long last.

“You’ve never been here before?”
She asked with curiosity,
When I responded I have not,
She states “You haven’t met anyone like me …”

I’m smiling now, mostly out of curiosity,
For I have hopes of what is to come,
I’m hoping that in more ways than mindset
We’re able to become one.

We take the lift to her flat,
Being relaxed and fairly easy,
I knew things could start,
But not so quickly.

She goes in first,
Not turning on the light,
But activating the candles,
Each one burning bright,
Then she sauntered over to
The music player, selecting soft rhythms,
Music that in another context
Would have put me to doldrums.

We sat on the couch
And she looked at me,
Asking what is it I like
Of what I see.

I told her of her hair
Resting on her chest,
And how it makes a curtain
Guarding over her breasts.

Beaming, she reached out
For my right hand,
And upon one of her soft orbs
My palm did gently land.

“It’s time to open the curtains
And take a look inside,
Tell me whether or not
You want to ride.”

She gently removed my hand
Putting it upon my knee,
Then gave a show
That definitely was one to see.

The blue scarf hit the floor
With no fuss or sound,
For other intentions came to light ‒
My attention they did surround:
Downward from her hips
The skirt began to fall
And seductively the blouse did too,
Leaving our little lady bearing all …

But, oddly enough
I’m still clothed ‒
Apparently, that situation
She did loathe:
She came to sit on my lap,
Legs wrapped around me;
With fingers to my lips
Telling me to hush ‒ let it be;
She glided my shirt off
Of my outstretched shoulders
Rapidly exciting all
Of the body’s nerves,
Unwrapping her legs from me,
She dropped my pants & boxers to ankles,
Releasing the boundaries between us
As if they were shackles.

Then she pushes me on my back
Domineering over me,
“Do you know what to do?”
She says, none-too-gently.
I take control of her hips
Conveniently above my personal wealth,
To guide her upon it, so I can reach
And see the pleasures of our mutual self.

With her hair and breasts massaging me
I’m trying to keep up my resistance,
Moving her hips up and down,
I’m trying to go a deeper and deeper distance
To pleasure her long as I can
Before I let my seed go ‒
To give a woman all the love I have
Is the only way that I know …

But a moment far too soon
I let loose in her walls,
And my liquid warmth
Decked the welcoming halls.
She looks at me mischievously
And ask did I tire of it,
Because if so, she can solve that,
And she did, pretty quick.

She came off of me and to the side
Kissing me on the eyelids, then lips,
Then further beyond, to the neck
The chest, the stomach, and hips,
As she’s doing this, she’s bringing
Her hips back towards me ‒
To put me face to lips
Of that passageway of beauty.

She begins to explore thoroughly
Up and down my shaft,
Round and round she goes
Making a sensual path.
I lick the lips teasingly,
Going outside, then in,
Trying to build between us
A very special understanding.
Slowly, but surely,
The lips around me did tighten,
And trying to keep up
My tongue lapped the lips deeper in,
Now everything is moving
Faster, deeper, and tighter ‒
We soon came to ask
How long can this endure?

I started to come once again,
But held it off at the base,
I wanted her to join me
In that very special place.
Fortunately, I didn’t need
To wait very long,
A few more clit massages
And she was singing that song.
It was then I decided
To finally release,
And to let our newfound wonder
Of climax continue until ready to cease.

This is where the night
Came to an appropriate close,
Could we have continued?
Probably, but who really knows …
But in the reality of it,
Nothing has been lost,
No opportunities were forfeited ‒
No towels were tossed:
We saw each other
Three more days and nights,
And for a little quickie
Before I caught my flight.
Preceding our departure
From our short-lived fate,
We promised each other
That we would communicate.

After time has passed
And the thoughts grown old ‒
I got a postcard,
Lo and behold!
“I’m visiting some family ‒
I’m heading your way,
Feel free to meet me
On the seventh, at JFK …”

Further down, it listed
The time and the airline,
And I can’t help but smile ‒
The pleasure will be mine …

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