Three types of men every woman should have.  

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9/1/2005 2:50 pm

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Three types of men every woman should have.

There are three types of men all women should have. The first type of man is the man who will always be your best friend, he will be a shoulder to cry on, and always offer his advice after closely listening to your every need. Second, there is the dependable, hardworking, do-it-yourself man. He's a self made man who will support you with financial means, he will fix your car, he will get you all the right seats in all the right places. Then, there is the third type of man, the man most loved by women, there are few real men of this type because many try to be him, but many come very short of achieving his great status in the closed circle of women. He will not be that shoulder to cry on, he won't call to see how you are doing, he won't buy you flowers, he can't fix your car, heck he doesn't even have a job. This man has many flaws, BUT HE KNOWS HOW TO DO ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY. Yes many men envy him, many men want to be him, and yes, sooooooo many women desire him. MEN!!!! LETS BE THAT MAN!!! WOMEN!!!! LOVE THAT MAN!!!!

tribalbutterfly7 40F

9/4/2005 7:47 pm

*laughing* Okay, it took me a bit, but I thought this post rocked! I really really liked it.

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