The Stranger  

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The Stranger

Relaxing at the local bar after work, you sit and chat with your co-workers, as they each in turn leave until you remain the sole holdout from a long week in the trenches. You look around the bar and see all sorts of people, talking and drinking away the woes of the past week. One person in particular sticks out as you survey the room, an impeccably well-dressed man wearing a sport coat and light blue button-up shirt that complements his deep blue eyes. You find yourself drawn back to him each time you look up from your last drink, as you build up the nerve to go over and introduce yourself. You take a last drink from your glass, pull yourself together, and stand up to walk across to the barstools just across the aisle from you. And, to your dismay, he's gone. You stretch nonchalantly, trying to make it appear that you just stood up to stretch, as the waiter returns to your table. He hands you a card, and tells you that the gentleman at the bar asked him to deliver it to you after he left. On the card is a name, an address, and a time. You look over the card and give the waiter a puzzled look, to which he responds with a shrug and asks if you'd like another drink.

Walking out to the car, you are aware that you are still holding the card in your hand. As you sit down in the driver's seat, surrounded by the supple leather that you enjoy so much, you take the card out and stare at it again. The card reads, in an elegant script:

1134 Rosemary Lane

As you look up at the clock in your car, you see that it's still only 5:30. "Plenty of time to check out the address," you think before stopping yourself, wondering why you would actually be considering meeting a man that you've never even spoken with. Then you think of his eyes, the way they seemed to pierce through everything he looked at, his perfect clothing - clean, pressed, sharp. Compelling in a way that you can’t quite put your finger on. "Oh, what the hell?" you say aloud to nobody at all, "What's wrong with a little adventure?"

You cruise through the streets of the city that you've known since you were a child, and finally come upon Rosemary Lane. The houses here are tightly packed together yet clearly separated by hedges and fences. The neighborhood is a hodgepodge of mixed eras - some original Victorian homes stand next to Art Deco homes, between 70s ramblers. All the homes are meticulously maintained, with well-manicured lawns and shrubbery. You look from home to home, enjoying the view, until you reach the 1100 block. You slow down significantly, as you near what can best be described as a mansion. Black wrought-iron fencing separates the small lawn from the sidewalk, framing the red brick building as perfectly as possible. You spy a parking place just up the block, and pull in, remaining in your car as you are filled with anxiety and exhilaration.

Composing yourself, double-checking your appearance in the rearview mirror, you get out of the car and walk past the house, pretending to be just another passerby. You look at the immaculate fencework, the closely-trimmed lawn, and the tightly controlled hedges, then give in to your curiosity and push open the gate. As you near the front door, it opens into a well-lit foyer. A butler stands at the door, and speaks slowly in a clipped accent, "Excellent! The master was hoping you would arrive on time. This way, please," he says as he leads you to a door in the foyer. He opens it, and you hesitantly enter the room. The carpets are lush, the walls decked out in rich wood, aged but exceptionally maintained. As you enter the room, the butler closes the door. You hear a click that may or may not have been a lock, and you begin to worry that maybe you have gotten yourself in over your head. You reach into your purse and begin to fish for your cell phone.

"There's no need for that, dear," a voice speaks, interrupting your search. You look up to see the man from the bar standing in front of you. He's much more impressive this close than he was at the bar. His deep blue eyes seem to look directly into you, and his form is obviously that of someone who takes great care of himself. "Please, come this way," he motions for you to follow him into a dark room. Against all of your instincts, you follow.

As you enter the room, your eyes begin to adjust to the darkness, and you see a chair illuminated in the middle of the room. You cannot entirely see all the walls of the room, but the chair immediately grasps your attention. You watch as he walks over to the chair and sits in it, facing you. You begin to walk toward him, but his hand raises and you stop - just as the door closes behind you.

"That's far enough. Please stay in the circle of light there," he speaks in a voice that is commanding, yet soft. No sooner has he spoken those words than a spotlight above you illuminates and you see that you are now standing in a circle of light nearly three feet in diameter.

"Good. When I saw you in the bar, I thought you would be an excellent candidate for this little game."

You start to speak, asking what game it was that he is talking about, but he cuts you off, "No speaking. The rules of this game are very clear. First, you may leave at any time. All you need to do is say that you are done, and the butler will return to take you out to your car. Second, you are to obey all of my orders. You are, until you leave this room, mine to command. You will do what I say, when I say, how I say it. Do you understand?"

Unsure of what to do, you stand there in the circle of light. Your instincts are telling you to leave, but your curiosity is telling you to stay.

"Do you understand?" he repeats.

"Yes, I understand."

"Good. First, place your purse next to you on the floor."

You bend down and place your handbag on the floor, within quick reach if anything were to go wrong.

"Thank you. Now, turn around slowly. I'd like to get a good look at you."

Obediently, you turn around, very slowly, like a model on a runway might look if you were watching her in slow motion. You can almost feel his eyes roaming over every inch of your body, as though you were naked.

"Now, I'd like you to remove your panties."

Dumbstruck, you stand there, not sure whether you heard him right.

"You are wearing panties under your skirt, are you not?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then, take them off. But leave the skirt on."


"Need I remind you of rule number two?" he asks in a voice that is playfully threatening.

You lift the back of your skirt up enough to grasp the sides of your panties and pull them down, stepping out of them.

"Good, now toss them here."

He catches them with a quick flick of the wrist, with a speed that is impressive. You stand there in the light, suddenly aware that you are incredibly aroused by the situation. You're certain that the fabric of those panties was more than a little damp when you pulled them down, and know that your nipples are standing at attention underneath your bra and blouse.

"Are you aroused?"


"Are you wet?"


"Very good. Now, remove your blouse, unbuttoning from the top button downward."

You obey, turning the act into a tease, slowly working your buttons through their holes while you hold your shirt closed. When all buttons are undone, you pull the blouse open, dropping it on the floor behind you. You look at him, and can see his pleasure at beholding your gorgeous breasts, your nipples apparent as they peek out through the black lace that holds them in.

"You have gorgeous breasts. Now, I want you to face away from me and bend over. I want to see your face looking back at me between your legs."

Doing as he says, you see the room suddenly turn upside-down.

"Now, touch your pussy under your skirt. Tell me how wet you are."

Your hand slides in between your legs and cups the hot, wet lips that wait there. You rub your fingers back and forth against your pussy lips, and push them apart slightly to reach your clit.

"Mmmmm...I am extremely wet. It feels so good."

"Good. Now remove your skirt and play with your pussy for me. In the same position."

You pull the skirt down and step out of it, spreading your legs more, now that they are free to move. You look at him between your legs, and smile as you reach back and spread your pussy lips for him to see. You can feel your juices as you push your finger into your hot pussy, slowly teasing yourself as you push it deeper and deeper. You can't help but moan as you enjoy the feeling.

"Does that feel good? Use two fingers."

Pulling your finger all the way out, you slide it back in accompanied by a second. You groan as your fingers stretch the tight hole open, and moan as you slide your fingers in and out.

"Nice. Now, turn around, drop to your knees, and fuck yourself."

Standing on wobbly legs, you turn around and kneel down, placing your hand underneath of you, so that your pussy slides down over your waiting fingers as you kneel. Your other hand wanders to your breasts, pinching your nipples as you rock your body up and down, back and forth against your fingers.

"Three fingers."

You obey, and moan loudly as you feel the third finger pushing into you, widening your hot, wet hole. You fuck yourself, forgetting where you are, or that you are being watched. You ride your fingers as though they were a thick, rock-hard cock. You groan as you start to cum, feeling your pussy clenching around your fingers, but continuing to slide them in and out.

You open your eyes, moaning, and he is standing in front of you, with his hand holding out his thick, hard cock, right in front of your face. Without a word, you plunge your mouth down around it, sucking him as you cum from your fingers. You work his cock like you've never worked anyone before, licking the length of it with your tongue, nibbling on the head, and taking the entire length deep into your mouth. You finish your orgasm and grab his balls, squeezing them as you suck his cock, enjoying the moans and groans of pleasure as his hands rest gently in your hair. You feel his cock tremble, the head swell against your tongue, and moan softly as he explodes in your mouth, filling it with his hot, sticky cum. You drink down as much as you can, but some dribbles out the corner of your mouth and runs down the length of his cock, covering his erection and balls in a glistening coating of slick cum mixed with your saliva.

"You truly are as amazing as I hoped," he says, looking down at you kneeling in front of him as he places his cock back in his pants. You wipe a drop of cum off the corner of your mouth and lick it up off of your hand. The salty, sticky taste nearly makes you cum again as he gives you a final command, "Stand."

As you are standing, he snaps his fingers, and the lights come on. There, in the back of the room are no less than ten people, all looking equally stunning as the man now holding your hand. You feel a strange combination of excitement, mixed with a sudden feeling of nervousness as you realize that these strangers have been watching you the whole time.

“Welcome to the club. Please introduce yourself, first names only of course,” he says, as you see the butler standing next to the audience, holing a pen and a card that you know will be yours to hand out next.

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11/30/2005 12:24 am

How do I get an invite?

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12/5/2005 4:08 pm

Well, the ending threw me a bit... but I loved the scenario till that point. Very nice

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