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4/20/2005 1:06 pm

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You open your eyes, but see nothing but blackness. You try to move, but your arms and legs are bound tightly - you can wriggle slightly, but that is the extent of your mobility. The smell of incense has filled the room, mixed with something else, something you can't quite put your finger on. You hear a voice, maybe two, and tense up slightly. You feel the air around you move, and a gentle tickle runs up from your toes to your fingertips, teasing your body. The feeling is familiar, you think, a feather? The tickle runs back down your left arm, stopping to move across your neck and up your right. It pauses for a moment before moving back down, this time stopping to flitter across your breasts, making your nipples harden ever so slightly. Your skin shivers as the feather skips down your stomach and rests between your thighs.

A hum breaks the near-silence, one you definitely recognize. The familiar feel of latex slides against your skin, vibrating against your thigh. The toy moves up from your thighs to your breasts, making your nipples immediately erect. It then slides down your stomach and moves the feather away, massaging the lips of your increasingly-wet pussy. You feel it being expertly handled, as it rubs up and down against your lips, resting against your clit for increasingly satsifying periods of time. The tip of the toy then pushes down against your lips, parting them and dipping ever so slightly into your hole. Then it disappears, even the sound stopping. The air moves around you again, and you feel something moving toward your face. You recognize the smell immediately, and your mouth waters as you feel the vibrator close against your lips, which you part and lick as you taste your own juices.

Distracted by the vibrator between your lips, you jump as you feel someone's tongue licking at your thigh. The hot, moist breath that accompanies it makes you moan gently as the vibrator slides back and forth against your lips. You are aware enough to realize that the person licking your thigh is actually lying betwen your legs, and is working their way slowly from the bottom of your right thigh, up toward your pussy. It is at this point that you realize there are at least two other people here...and you feel your juices build as you sigh in ecstacy.

The tongue teasing your thighs reaches your pussy at the same time that the vibrator is replaced by a finger. You can tell it's a man's finger from the girth and hair on it, and you work it with your lips like it was a hard cock, teasing it with your tongue, nibbling it with your teeth, all the while enjoying the feeling of a tongue flicking back and forth against your wet pussy lips. He pulls his finger from your mouth and kisses you, tongues intertwining, just as the person between your legs begins to work your clit, sliding a finger into you as they do so. The finger slides effortlessly into your now-soaked pussy, and tilts just enough to reach your g-spot as your clit continues to be worked. You moan into the mouth of the man hovering over you, and he backs off momentarily, lifting himself from the bed.

Without warning, the clit and pussy play stops, and you feel someone slide off of the bed from between your feet. You again feel the air moving around you as someone climbs over you on the bed. A smell fills the air over you, and you nearly cum immediately when you recognize it. You smile and press your tongue forward to find the sweet pussy that you know is hovering over your face, knowing that the expert touch you felt moments ago was that of a woman. She lowers her pussy so that it is just above your face, and you go to work on her, licking and sucking her wet lips before finding her clit and teasing it. She plays with your nipples as you do so. You feel motion down below, but are so intent upon making the woman above you cum, that you pay little attention to it until you feel something thick and hot pushing against your pussy. You moan loudly as you feel your lips stretched apart by the large cock that is sliding into you, with no regard for your own pleasure/pain. The pussy hovering above you lowers over your mouth, enough that you can breathe, but muffling your moans and cries, as she begins grinding against your lips, tongue, and chin.

The cock slides excrucitatingly slowly in and out of your pussy while you lick and suck the juices from the woman above you. Within a few moments, you're cumming hard, the ties on your wrists and ankles pinching your skin as your attempt to thrash in ecstacy. You moan and scream, and the woman raises her pussy off of your face so that you can be heard. The cock that has been teasing you suddenly starts pounding you deep and hard, your tight cunt squeezing it with a vise-like grip as he fucks you intently. You feel his cock throbbing inside you, his balls bouncing against your clenched asshole, and then feel him pull out and climb up onto you, resting his cock against your lips. You greedily take him into your mouth and suck him dry, his cum filling your mouth as you swallow every last drop.

You lie there, covered in sweat, your cum dripping down out of your pussy and down the crack of your ass, as you are untied and have your blindfold removed. You smile as the woman who's pussy you were just eating lays down on the bed and you begin to tie her up in the same fashion as you were, anticipating the fun that you will have next.

smooth_and_wet 51M/41F

4/20/2005 4:44 pm

I hope this was told from experience.

I can't wait to tie up my next victim.LOL

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