Another Encounter  

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3/10/2006 2:54 pm

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Another Encounter

Your cell phone rings and you reach over to the nightstand to pick it up. It's the voice you're expecting, "I'm almost there."

"Room 243," you say, barely able to withhold your excitement. You hang up the phone, turn it off, and inspect the room. Everything is in its place - the bottle of wine and two glasses on the table, the bedsheets pulled down, and your bag of "goodies" waiting nearby. You sit at the edge of the bed, nearly trembling with anticipation, as you wait for the knock at the door.

Fantiasies run rampant through your head - you've had months to think about all the things that you want during this all-too-brief moment together. Plans form, diverge, turn into new and more interesting plans, which diverge themselves. You are so preoccupied with your thoughts that you don't hear the first knock at all. The second knock is a little more tentative, but you are at the door within a second, opening it to find what you've wanted for far too long.

His blue eyes pierce through you as you stand there, wearing nothing but a sheer robe. Your nipples stand at attention, and you can feel the hot wetness of your pussy between your legs throb as you see the look of approval, the look of sheer lust, on his face. He steps into the room and you retreat to the table, sitting in a chair and pouring two glasses of wine.

"Do you see something you like," you ask, as he walks over and takes a glass of the wine, a deep red that mirrors the passion that you feel for each other.

"I see many things that I like," he says as he sips his wine.

"So do I," you say with a smile as you rise from the chair and kneel in front of him. Your hands work quickly and surely on the fly of his pants, and within seconds, you can see what was only a bulge in the front of those pants moments ago. You grasp his hard, throbbing cock with your hand and look up at him, still sipping his wine. You smile and look up into his eyes as you close your mouth around the head, loving the taste of the precum that's waiting for you there. He smiles and puts down his glass of wine, running his hands through your hair as you slowly, deliberately tease every inch of him with your lips, your tongue, your teeth, and your fingers. He moans softly as your hands grasp his balls, squeezing and pulling on them as you suck him off.

You lift your head from his cock and stand, grasping him firmly in your hand as you lead him over to the bed. You point to the bed and he lays down. You crawl slowly up his body, teasing him with your fingers, your hard nipples, and the fabric of your robe, then turn yourself around and position your pussy perfectly over his mouth. He reaches up with his hands and grasps your ass firmly, pulling you down so that his tongue can flick itself back and forth against your hot, wet hole. He teases you from clit to ass and back again, alternating light strokes with more firm pressure. You feel him gasp against your lips as you lean down and take him deeply into your mouth again, all the way to the base, the head of his thick cock bumping the back of your throat. You begin sucking him as he continues to lick you. You feel first one finger, then two, slide into your pussy as he focuses his tongue on your clit, flicking it, circling it, taking it between his lips and sucking on it. His fingers probe your pussy as you take him in, deep, then shallow, deep, then shallow, his fingers mimicing your work on his cock.

Your thighs start to tremble as you feel your orgasm beginning. You begin to push down with your pussy, fucking his face like it was his hard, thick cock. You hear a muffled moan as his cock throbs in your mouth. You suck it in, nice and hard, and moan yourself as you both cum at the same time, his hot and sticky in your mouth, yours wet and delicious all over his face. You continue to ride his face, grinding your pussy against him harder and harder, as his cock continues to spurt inside your mouth, filling it with sweet, sticky cum. Your legs trembiling, you raise yourself off of him and turn around, kneeling on the bed, facing him, looking at his face covered in your cum, and his hard cock covered in his. He smiles at you, watching a drop of his cum slip out from between your lips and land on your breast, covering the nipple. Both your minds are racing, as you consider all the possibilities for the rest of your time together.

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4/4/2006 11:31 pm

Oooh, Baby! That's a wonderful story...gets my heart racing and juices flowing more and more with each sentence. Yummy yummy!

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