A new story...concluded  

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9/26/2005 9:30 pm

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A new story...concluded

He stands up and looks down on you, covered in sweat, dripping from your pussy and thighs with your own cum, and you can see his large, hard dick...and you know you want something else dripping from inside you.

You roll over onto your knees, legs spread, and begin rubbing your clit and pussy, spreading your lips as you look back to see him watching intently.

"What? Are you just going to look at it, or are you going to fuck it?" you demand.

He looks up at you quickly, as if snapping out of a trance, and walks over to you, kneeling down to get the perfect angle. You feel the heat of his cock as he slowly pushes it toward your waiting cunt, and just as he starts to push the head against your hole, you pull your pussy open with your fingers and push back onto him, impaling your tight cunt against his thick, hard shaft. You moan loudly as you feel his balls bounce against your clit, and smile as you hear him groan.

"I said, 'ARE YOU GOING TO FUCK IT!" you repeat, as you pull your pussy back off his cock, slowly this time, enjoying every single inch of his thick tool.

He finally gets it, and grabs you by the hips, pulling you back hard against him, filling you instantly with his cock. You arch your back, throwing your hair down across your shoulders. He grabs it with one hand, and pulls on it.

"You want to get fucked? I'll fuck you!" he shouts, as he slides his other hand between your ass cheeks and starts fingering your ass. "There! You like that, you fucking slut?"

Moaning, unable to make a coherent sound, you simply enjoy the ride, feeling his finger penetrating your taut asshole, his hand pulling your head back by the hair, your pussy filled -- then empty -- then filled again by his thick, throbbing cock. You ride the waves of ecstacy until you're just about to cum...you can feel the tingling all over your body, your muscles beginning to twitch.

"Squeeze my cock, bitch. Cum for me like the slut that you are."

You scream as you explode in orgasm, arching your back and squeezing his finger with your asshole and his cock with your pussy. You pull your hair out of his hand as he stops thrusting. You then fuck him back, ramming your cunt against his cock, hard, deep, and fast.

"I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO STOP FUCKING ME!!!!" you yell as you continue to ride wave after wave of orgasm, feeling the head of his cock grow larger and larger with every stroke. You keep going, loving the feel of the complete abandon with which you're fucking him, loving the turnaround of the classic doggy-style position, loving the control with which you're treating him. Finally, with a huge moan, he cums, his sticky, white, wet fluids filling your pussy as you continue to fuck him. You can feel his juices flowing out of your pussy, down your thigh, and can hear him groaning and grunting incoherently. Finally, you pop his cock out of your pussy as you collapse onto the blanket, rolling over and spreading your legs so that he can see your used pussy, coated in his cum.

demonicsexkitten 42F
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12/5/2005 4:20 pm

dang!! and i was doing great today... wasn't horny or anything. and now i have to go to class

I think i'll keep an eye on your blog, and come here to read when i have the time to properly enjoy the reading

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