So many little time. But a learning experience along the way.  

Witness 47M
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3/22/2006 1:07 am

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So many little time. But a learning experience along the way.

Well, here I am now 3 weeks into singldom. Re-relating to being single again after a long while, finding a new aprtment, and preparing for a move, and still finding time to work and sleep. Wow. Who knew readjusting into single life would be so much so fast.

Anyhow, the apartment search continues. Who knew that people want so much for nothing. I swear they think they are going to become the next Donald Trump of Canada over night off a run down rental property. Actually, I think the only thing truly frustrating about it is lack of time to see places and not wanting to settle for a hole in the wall, even for just a year lease. Anyways, it goes, and that's that...I'm confident I'll find an exceptable place.

Work now. Borrrring. Makes this blog seem like a rollercoaster ride. But at least my blog I know will improve once I get my mind less cluttered and be able to express thoughts rather than just facts.

Now let's look at the interactional portion of my life. Yes, I've been using AdultFriendFinder on a fairly regular basis to interact with people... including scouting for those "expressional" souls. When I started this, as I stated in an earlier blog, road to new boundries to be crossed, I never thought of it as swinging per say. Just a series of totally meaningful one night stands in which to explore new realms. Never really related the computer into swinging. But I guess it is the new form of it and if you have to label it as such, then I am not one to break everyones views. After all, not looking for love, just a good time.

Now after just about 2 weeks on AdultFriendFinder I do see where PurrKitty's comment came from. And as a single guy it's even harder in a "swinger lifestyle" with more people nowadays looking to add a girl or other couple over a guy, even in a cyber world. And yes, there are many hapless guys that use this site that, to be honest, don't stand a hope in hell at making any points in this game (sorry if you are one and you're reading this, It's my blog and I gotta calls it likes I sees it), and that makes it just a bit more difficult for the rest of us. Possible propects having to weed through the pile get lost. So, being an intelligent guy, I just went back to what I know and started working from there (take notes guys if you need em ). I ignored the whole fact it's typing instead of talking and went from there. In R/L I would just be myself. At times intelligent, times witty, and others a smart ass. It breaks the ice, and even in a sea of mindless jabber of the same thing, some poeple do catch it. They may not all like it since some get offended, or even some feel like I stepped on their toes, but you know what...that's me anyhow. Hell, I got challenged in fights with complete strangers over their unadvancing lust over a somewhat complete stranger just because I was getting further in 5 minutes then they could in weeks or months. So be it. In R/L I got a lot of physical bruises over doing it. In here, they can call me names. I think if I could survive having my head smashed with a flower pot, a few words don't mean a thing....gotta love the cyber world. Finally, I'm taking learning from someone with experience. She's hot, she's cool, and who knows...maybe I will end up accompanying her and her beau in some sweat time if things go that route. Regardless though, I'm getting the inside track on how to make it work from experience. Though be it experience that already has an advantage starting out (Female of a F/M couple). But really, who better to learn from. I am not going to ask a guy what would work on him. If he wants a guy let him work at it. And just so there's no confusion, I'm not "using her for her mind"...far be it from a perv like me . No, just being myself, we started exchanging a couple words and , surprise surprise, like in the real world, we found a common mindset and got along. Regardless whether a "friend with benifits" or a friend without, she's good people. And, who knows, either way if I become a star pupil, maybe we'll get along to plan the next big "meet & greet" party in the city . . . by select invitation only ,of coarse.

Hope to see you there.

blogginOnly 60F

3/22/2006 3:08 am

Sounds like you are a man who knows what he wants. Bloggin' is good for everyone. It lets you write down exactly how you feel, your thoughts, dislikes, etc. Not everyone has to agree, but it does help to spell it out, lol. Good luck hon.

Witness 47M
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3/22/2006 8:04 am

Thanks BlogginOnly,

I Guess you could say it sounds that way. The only difficulty I have is I want so much they all interlap. Mentally, yes I shit together moreso than many here, but weaving it all together, now that's the challenge.

moonlightphoenix 46F
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3/24/2006 7:11 pm

Hear! Hear!!

I'm schitzophrenic in my blogging. I have 3 different blogs for 3 distinctly different sides of me. But I think I need one more. LOL.

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