Commuter Witticisms  

WitchyByNature 50F
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3/13/2006 10:34 pm
Commuter Witticisms

On the 710 Freeway as you enter from 3rd street and star the drive into Downtown LA, a new bill board went up recently. At least I think it was recently. In my workaholic induced haze I could have simply noticed it for the first time today.

The position and location of the bill board is quite extraordinary - in that the team who crafted the marketing campaign is really on the ball. They chose the entrance to the main artery between Downtown Los Angeles (the hub of commerce on the west coast) and Long Beach (the hub of the western sea board).

On the left side of the freeway, drawing your eye onto the road and ahead to the city the billboard says:

Money in the bank changes everything.

Until this morning, I really had never considered the deeper meaning to that sentiment, nor had I acknowledged the profound effect commerce has on the ability to live comfortably in the nations largest port city.

Money in the bank means that you have the priviledge of raising your children in rural America. In private or even home schools, without the threat of metal detectors. No afternoon lockdowns or early morning evacuations.

Money in the bank means walking each night on the beach instead of huddled in a crowded gym. No sweatty machines, no smelly towels.

Money in the bank means an impromptu, last minute trip to Catalina. Or Mexico. Or even.... China.

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