Soulmates or sexmates  

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9/5/2006 8:22 pm

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Soulmates or sexmates

I met my soulmate, not on this site, but it was a sex chat room back when the only place to chat was IRC chat rooms. It was a matter of chance, as I had been paging a few ladies, and since they get 100's of pages, to get a reply is almost a miracle. She replied, Sorry, I'm busy now , but later maybe we can talk. I said sure, but never thought I'd hear from her again. So I chatted with a lady from Sudbury and it was enjoyble , it certainly wasn't about sex. Soon she had to go, so I was about to log out , when I got a message, saying " Do you wanna fuck" , Well now thats what I was looking for . I was horny and we both got right into cybering and she came ( she said she really did ) and then I came and she came again and for some reason, I said something I wouldn't really say most of the time. I get in these chat rooms, involve myself in some cybersex and thank you , goodbye. But this time I said, you know ( sexywoman) I come here to have fun, but what I really need in my life is someone to love. Sure thats what I want more than sex, but its so hard to find. She became silent, I asked her - what is the problem, silence again. She said she was crying, that she came online only to get revenge on her BF because he cheated on her. My paternal and protective instinct quicked in. We talked some more and we planned to meet the next day. Day after day, we did more cybering, but the emotional bond we felt was becoming more important. That was March 4/5, 1997 ( my date/her date) She was in Egypt. We fell in love and have been ever since. Its complicated to meet when families are against it( hers ) and the family has a lot of power at the Ministry of external affairs. So with time, we decided to remain friends ( soulmates really) and make the partners we would find , happy. But that was more a wish destined for failure , but we tried. So in August of 2001 we planned to meet. She was to fly to Vegas, then New York, and I would meet her in Toronto. The date ? September 12, 2001.
As you know, that didn't happen. It was hard on both of us. We emotionally got close , but time and life's circumstances made it difficult to spend a lot of time together online. Both busy with our jobs, busy trying to find a local relationship we could grow into a loving relationship. But since then, we have been through a few relationships, but none have worked. I don't think what we share came in between the relationship we were building , but its hard to settle for something that is only a fraction of what you know we could have. So in March of 2006 , we got closer again, and now we are emotionally as close as we have ever been, more in love then ever. Do we have a future ? I don't know. I wish I could spend my life with her, and she wishes the same. With all the barriers we face and those we haven't even talked about. Who knows, but one thing I know, I did find love , I did find a soulmate , and its great. Have others ever found a soulmate , starting with a site like this.........Sex based website .

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9/5/2006 8:35 pm

I did It's going very well...

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9/9/2006 6:24 am

It is inspoiring to hear such a heartfelt story of love and friendship. Good luck in the future.

BcO: Yes...I feel a connection to your soul everytime I look into your eyes and I hope you feel the same

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