Swinging-re: 2 questions posting to couples  

WillSatisfyU56 61M
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10/18/2005 12:35 pm

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Swinging-re: 2 questions posting to couples

I've never had a swinging experience as a single male. I am fascinated by the subject and very curious. Hoping to get INFORMED by the many couples on the site
Twice in my life I've been approached in a bold, direct manner by a married woman who basically said "I want to Fuck you. My husband and I are swingers and he's cool with it"!
I was like 23-24 the fist time! Totally stunned!Lol Still a little naive. She was HOT! Couldn't do it.. She was a co-worker and I knew her husband. Cool guy, But I told myself I said No because her and I worked together.
Fast forward 15-16 yrs later. I'm managing a nightclub. Married gal, regular customer always came in alone. Petite, Sexy!! Friendly Flirtatious. Let her stay "after-hours" shooting pool with me and another young lady who was a long time "just friend". Innocent situation. She asks me right in front of the othewr gal, matter-of-factly. Pulls out her Cell Phone and CALLS her husband and tells him to tell me it's OK!?? Lol Guess she sensed my hesitation. I passed on that offer also...
It was just too surreal. Her husband is a COP!!! I'm listening to this guy say "Yeah, Fine, No problem, Do her!" and all I can think of is: This guy carries a gun ALL THE TIME and I don't want to be the guy screwin' his wife when he comes home and decides swingin' ain't for him anymore!!!! LMAO
ps. Yes, I absolutely wanted to have sex with both those ladies. If they weren't married I doubt I'd have hesitated a second

funWus 57M/42F

10/18/2005 5:31 pm

LOL ok ok I read the first advise line question first then came here. Hon you should have taken both your lady friends up on those "wanna fuck me " questions! You just won't ever know what you missed. But really on the second...I can actually see why you said no! The cop would have made me think twice too. And yes this is the wife typing here as well. Hubby reads everything and looks but thats it .I do all the answering. He hunts and pecks with 2 fingers and just won't do it. And he would never give advise...But as soon as he gets in I will have to show him your posts and see if he has anything to add. Don't worry so much...have fun and be safe! Usually if a guy says.."Sure..fuck my wife!" he means it is really ok. Look forward to hearing more from you in your posts. Bye byee
Nick(the wife)

DorianVampire 40M
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10/18/2005 8:34 pm

I have the perfect solution... A bullet proof condom! That and a running start and your good to go. LOL

rm_number72000 61M/56F

10/18/2005 11:44 pm

will, I think you made the right desicion on # 1. I have found from experience that sex with co-workers is not a good idea. With the second invite, well I may have been a bit frightened myself.(guns scare me)
I have approached guys for sewith husbands permission of course) and twice we were turned down, the first guy thought my husband was screwed and said if he had a hot woman like me he would not share, then proceded to lecture me on christian values (oops wrong choice) The second guy was afraid my husband would beat him up. But we have had some encounters and it has been great,no one feels left out and all are pleasured, we are very open and honest and sex is wild with three people, then we lay around and joke, talk for abit and life goes on. What I think that you would benifit from joining a couple is great unihibited sex and perhaps friends with benifits. Next chance you have I say go for it, if the husband says its ok...it really is ok. Play safe and have fun...looking forward to more of your posts. Take care, Gayla

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