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11/27/2005 2:00 pm

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In an earlier post I mentioned this would be the topic of a "future" post. The future is now. Lol
Little did I know when I made that statement that my thoughts and attitudes about "gopher hunting" would undergo such a change! Gopher hunting, as I've explained it in the past, is both time consuming and confrontational. It is an activity that deals in/with the "negative". I did Not join this site in Search of Negativity!!!!! I doubt that any of you did either. So WHY, I had to finally ask myself, do I want to focus on "Anything" OR "Anyone" on this site that I ( IMHO ) perceive to be Negative?? .....hmmmmmm......
Damned if I could find an answer to that one! Nope, Nada, Zilch, ideas!!!

Must've been a phase!! I don't know?!! As good an explanation as any I guess. Best left to those people that actually Enjoy that sort of thing! Or to those who are just "better suited" to assume the responsibility.

Time to refocus. When I first found the magazine I was both amazed and pleased at meeting some truly "quality" people. For me that means people who embody the 3 elements of beauty I mention in this blog's description! Good hearted people, IMO are those who derive No Pleasure out of harming or causing pain to others! Being human, which means imperfect by definition, we all inevitably cause pain to others. Intentionally or Not. That is Life. Some people actually Enjoy it when they do!! Good hearted people Do Not Enjoy causing pain even when they Feel justified in doing so. It is a Subtle point. A fine line of distinction. Those people who both understand, and strive to maintain that distiction in thought and action,.....Those are the Good Hearted people of whom I speak. Those I seek. Those whom I call friend. Those I call "quality" people.!!

That is where I want my interaction to take place. To a Great degree and to my Great Pleasure it already is!!

Singlechick25 37F

11/27/2005 6:41 pm

Will, there is much negativity on this site. Throw enough people together from different backgrounds and beliefs and it's bound to happen. While I am generally a keeper of the peace, I have experienced the nearly irrisistable temptation to call out another member instead of just moving on. And I've done it once or twice. Not something I'm proud of simply because I am in no position to be judging anyone else.

Many times on the mag I have seen members be purposely cruel to each other. There are people who feel pleasure at making another person feel stupid and worthless. I've seen it done, and I've seen that same behavior applauded!!

I know a few of the quality people you refer are most definitely one of them! These are the people that keep me posting thoughtfull questions and responses. They make it easier to ignore the less tolerant members posts.

Here's to a positive outlook

funWus 57M/41F

11/28/2005 8:10 pm

Will..singlechick is 100 % correct! You are one of those good hearted people. Don't let the people that love to hurt others run you they did me... I know you might get tired of hearing the junk they type,but you have made several friends here(I noticed) Keep the good posts comming hun. It will give me something of value to read when I actually do pop back into AdultFriendFinder and blog land! lol
Hope you are well. Congrats on your trasfer!
Hugs to you sweety!

klauskissnhug 58M

12/10/2005 5:33 am

Everytime I've attacked, I have come away feeling, "That doesn't feel quite right."

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