1st Meeting Part 2  

WillPleasureU 47M
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3/31/2006 2:50 pm
1st Meeting Part 2

She spread her legs wide on the counter. I moved in grasping her breasts firmly in my hands and massaging them. I took one nipple gently into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it and sucking. I felt her hand slide down her stomach and glanced down just to watch her slowly massage her clit. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and slowly let it slide out between my teeth. A soft moan came from her lips. I pushed her back just a little more and slid down. Her fingers were still teasing her clit. I leaned in and kissed her hand, she moved it out of the way and leaned back a little further. I pressed my nose in against her, searching for her clit with my tongue. As my tongue brushed against it, she let out a much louder moan. I took her clit gently between my lips, softly sucking on it.
I then slid a finger inside her dripping pussy, her body tensed for a moment then released. I slowly rolled my finger around inside her and I sucked and teased her clit. "Oh....baby." She called out.
I looked up to see the expression on her face, her eyes were narrow slits and a wide grin spread across her mouth.
I slid another finger inside, gently probing, listening for changes in her breathing. I slid them in a bit further and heard a rush of air and an "Oh....my." I started working my fingers in and out of her, adding in short swirls from time to time. Soon her "oh.........mys" turned to "Oh...yes" and then quickly to "God...yes, right there hmmmmmmmmmmm." I could feel her body tensing and releasing, with every movement she was getting closer and closer to climax. I pressed my finger in further and leaned down to suck on her clit. Her body tensed again, releasing. "Right there baby, yes...yes...yes." I could feel the orgasm explode over her. She leaned back and threw her hair back. "Ohhhhhhhh, baby? You're getting a special treat after that." She took me by the hand and pulled me to the bedroom.......

(To be continued)

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