Group Therapy...(Ode to LaPussNBooTs)  

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8/14/2005 8:10 pm

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Group Therapy...(Ode to LaPussNBooTs)

Four friends and I were relaxing like any typical suburban guys watching a game... beer... chips...cigars, and telling war stories. Tales of college parties, high school football games ... and sexual exploits. We knew they were all lies, well, maybe not total lies... but we certainly never let reality get in the way of a good story. The noise level was reaching record levels for 5 white guys in a single family home, until my buddy, Frank, who's house this was, started talking about the time he had these two women.

It wasn't so much that Frank had these two women at the same time, that simple fact wouldn't surprise anyone anymore, but rather he had them while his wife was watching.... we were stunned ... silent ... and listening to every word.

Whenever I could steal my attention off of Frank's story, I watched the other guys rivited in their lazy boys; eyes nailed to Frank's eyes, to see any hint of deception; eyes closed, to paint this most perfect picture in their own mind. Occasionally, they'd attempt a sip at their beer, futile as it was; because Frank kept coming up with unbelievable moment after unbelievable moment. And yet, we believed him.

Frank was nearing the end of his tale, as all of sat on the edge of our seats, aching to hear each moment of ectasy, when the lights suddenly dimmed, and the game popped off the widescreen... The room was dead silent ... we turned our heads ... and there she was....

Carissa stood in the doorway ... God, this woman knew how to stand in a doorway. The light from the hallway outlined her perfect body, and the smoke from the cigars swirled around her as if to give her extra strength for what was to come. Frank shifted as if to stand up, but her hand snapped up, and he knew... and sat down. We all thought the party was over.

But as she began to move, as she took a step... and the another... we noticed something... uh... well... unexpected. She was entirely clad in ... leather. "Well," she said, "I wonder how you four studs measure up?" "Four?" we all repeated to ourselves; and she winked at Frank as her pace quickened toward us. "Stand up, Gentlemen," she commanded in a quiet voice... We looked at each other... "STAND UP!!!" And we snapped to attention, remembering our military days. "No Frank, not you... well... not yet anyway." And she smiled. She draws closer to me, and whispers in my ear, but everyone hears her "I said, I wonder how you four" she grabs my balls "measure" ... she grabs another par, I didn't see who's, "up!!!" And as her grip loosens, she gives me a little tickle....

(more tomorrow)

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