Group Therapy (Part Two)  

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8/15/2005 8:09 pm

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Group Therapy (Part Two)

As I watched Frank stare in disbelieve, I wondered if he was more embarrassed at his wife, or himself. But after watching him closely for a second, I knew he was turned on... He shifted in his seat, starting to rub his own legs as his wife's clutch moved from one set of balls to the next, asserting her authority.... her control. "Come on, gentlemen... I want to SEE them!" And one by one, we unzipped our pants, kicked off our shoes, and removed our pants. You'd think we'd look at each other, but after we checked on Frank's compliance, we just couldn't keep our eyes off of her. She had us.

"Not bad," she whispered as our cocks filled with anticipation. "But I see that some of you need some.... well... motivation." Carissa paused at the last of us... Ben. I glanced down, and he hadn't quite made the journey yet, but he hung 9 inches ... easy. She turned to face him, her lips inches from his, hands on his shoulders. She opened her mouth as if to kiss him, but she merely let her cheek brush against his before slowly gliding down his chest ... his side ... as her arms wrapped under his gripping his back in a gentle, but firm stroke. She savored every inch of his body. And Frank, well.. poor Frank was enraptured ... stroking himself though his jeans.

Carissa found herself kneeling in front of Ben, her hands firmly on his hips. She just stared at him for a moment, and she slowly lowered her head, arching her neck, Ben hanging over her. She closed her eyes softly, opened her mouth and softly tasted the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. "mmmmmm," as she licked her own lips and open her eyes. Ben stiffened, but just a bit. Carissa looked up "more?" she quized, giving Ben a wink. And she moved her right hand over the front of his hips, her fingers lightly brushing the base of his shaft, to find herself wrapping her hand around his balls. She opened her mouth, laid her tongue under the head of his cock and then surrounded it with her lips. And then she pushed her lips up, swallowing more and more of him, with so little effort. But so slowly, and so firmly, so continuously. No hesitation. Farther, and farther... pushing him into her throat. Ben arched back, and he put his hands on her head only to have her brush them away. Deeper he went inside her as she pulled his balls toward her chin, until finally ... she took him all. She stayed there for a moment, in delight of his cock thobbing in her throat. Ben could feel her throat massaging his cock. And as was the capture, so was the release, her release of him. As she allowed him out, she raised her head with her tongue still tethered to the now raised tip of his cock by a glowing sliver of saliva. But this was a meer preview of what was to come...

(more tomorrow)

eightisgreat44 57M/47F

8/16/2005 5:37 am

whew! Mike, is it hot in here or is it just me?! WOnderful...please continue...I can actually FEEL the power this woman has over these men and can't wait to hear more about her

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