Initial Consternation, Then a Positive Outlook  

WildWon1982 35M
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8/15/2006 9:39 pm
Initial Consternation, Then a Positive Outlook

I paid off my security deposit today. Pending my move-in date, it reduced my checkbook to $11.00. The plan, at least from my understanding, was that I would go in, pay the deposit, set my move-in date, and make periodic visits up to Labor Day, to pay off my two months of advance rent. And since I would be moving before September 6, my roommate/landlord would return this month's rent check, adding $475 back into my checkbook, and count that as returning my security deposit.

Yeah, that didn't work out.

I went in and paid the deposit, only to find out that MY apartment hasn't been vacated yet. He's moving out at the end of the month. Then the landlords and supers will clean up the place, make it ready for me, then I can move in in September like I wanted, except that it's now MID September, most likely between the 10th and 15th.

I was pissed off at first, cause that meant my r/l would cash the rent check, leaving me with $11 to my name until Friday. But then I calmed down, and it turns out this works out better.

1. I get paid Friday, and I have enough cash and gas to last me until then. Plus, I have enough in savings that if I need to tap it, I'll still be fine.
2. I now have 4 weeks instead of 2 to come up with the advance rent, which will total $1130. I'll make twice that over that period of time, agter taxes, and still have enough to have some fun, and pay my bills.
3. My r/l cashed the rent check, but since I'll be moving out 10 days into the September cycle, I can reasonably work out a per diem and get about $325 back in security form.
4. My mother has offered to come out and help me move, which is why we wanted Labor Day weekend to move, but actually, it's more likely that they'll have more free time during the new 5-day window. My mom has to work a primary (she freelances as an election official) on the 12th, and my step-dad has a court date on the 15th, but basically, I can move all my junk here by myself (the bed will be the only hard part), and they can come up whenever and bring me the rest of my stuff that I left behind when I moved to CT back in January.

So far, so good. At this point, 30 days and counting till I get my own place.

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